Worm composting indoors

December 28, 2010 by Mario  
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If you live in an apartment and still want to compost this may be for you.

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25 Responses to “Worm composting indoors”
  1. theoriginalSkooby says:

    @IdahoViewing There isn’t a problem with acidity. It will come out around a 7 or 8 if you put them in straight coffee grounds.

  2. IdahoViewing says:

    How do you handle the acidity of so much coffee and tea?

  3. 4funNreal says:

    thank you…I really enjoyed this vid!

  4. theoriginalSkooby says:

    @free6006 You want worms from a compost bin. Or if you have a lot of mulch in your garden then you can collect them from about the first 3 inches. Or you can buy them at pet stores in a pinch.

  5. free6006 says:

    Good work, but I have a question. Can I use the worms in my garden for composting? Because there’re lots of worm in my garden. Thank you.

  6. tomsuerte says:

    …lost my train of thought there. lol, lay off the scooby snacks. nice vid.

  7. Mindpetals says:

    great vid! thanks a lot :) really appreciate this sort of info

  8. 1ChevyGuy375 says:

    Ok thanks for the reply

  9. theoriginalSkooby says:

    You want it to be wet enough to hold together if you squeeze it. But it should not be dripping wet even on the bottom. It’s a good idea to wet it well before adding the worms. That way you can let it dry or add more if needed. If it is too wet or dry the leave. Two or four cups is a good start.

  10. 1ChevyGuy375 says:

    How much water do you add to the bin when you first start? A few cups or like a half a gallon? Thank you for the good information.

  11. bockydo says:

    try not being to happy with the water adding and also try doing it with good soil and not out your drive way dirt

  12. pgm98387 says:

    This is very good for the soil.

    Thanks for posting.

  13. moodyvaden says:

    What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  14. OlafWilhelm says:

    great post thank u :]

  15. buckinfuts says:

    nice castings!!

  16. theoriginalSkooby says:

    When it gets too wet I take the lid off for a day or two. As it gets close to finished I stop adding to it and that helps dry it also. If you live in a humid area you might have to add something to soak up moisture. Some people put a whole in the bottom to drain it occasionally.

  17. marktaylorp says:

    How did you get such dry compost?? Mine is a muddy wet mess… thanks!

  18. theoriginalSkooby says:

    Some of the best information about this type of composting can be found at University websites.

  19. mywillshanga says:

    ok man. thx 4 dis gr8 video and our converstion would have helped alot of people.

  20. theoriginalSkooby says:

    Snakes? Red wigglers are the type of worm used in this type of composting. I recommend you google ‘worm composting’ and read up on the subject. There are websites that will help clear up any questions you may have.

  21. mywillshanga says:

    rn’t they dangerous because of the snakes? what to do to protecet urself?

  22. theoriginalSkooby says:

    Red wigglers will not live very well in soil. They prefer loose material. The pot sounds big enough for 300 or so worms if they have enough food. You might want to go with less soil and more paper. Change them to a new pot every few months or so.

  23. mywillshanga says:

    i’m growing them in 6 times 5 inches pot. is that ok?
    i put some somecoffe on the sureface and wet-newspaper in the soil with them. do i have to replace the soil from time to time?

  24. theoriginalSkooby says:

    If you use them for fishing you should note their size. They are great for small to medium fish. If you want to grow them you should wait about 3 weeks if you start with fifty from a pet store. Certain feed will make them fat and long. Google it. In wide open space they will multiply rapidly. I have spawned a dozen into hundreds in six or seven weeks. As long as they have the bacteria and moving room they should grow wild.

  25. mywillshanga says:

    thx alot man. i’ll use the worms 4 fishing :) 1 more thing, how much new worms will be there in a week?approximately

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