Whats an immoral pleasure seeker?

September 27, 2010 by Mario  
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Jeopardy blooper

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25 Responses to “Whats an immoral pleasure seeker?”
  1. DBZmegafan99 says:

    WOOOOO!!! YES!!! I’ve never known another definition for rake. I would’ve guessed hoe too

  2. TheHotdogjacker says:

    400 please!

  3. 17Alicia says:

    68 prefer rakes to hoes.

  4. TralerParkNinja says:


  5. MidoriFan10 says:

    What? That’s right.

  6. kf6vzu says:

    Can’t be hoe, that’s an immoral pleasure giver ;)

  7. DJCooL4 says:

    @ladyp1234 rake is an old english term

  8. MsMccrimson says:

    I can’t laugh I had the same answer too.

  9. ladyp1234 says:

    they shouldve gave it to him he was right

  10. AliceLacrimose says:

    ahahaha! i thought of ho too! what the hell is a rake? AHAHAHA….haaa…. funny…

  11. Bolleh says:

    rofl, so fucking worth it!

  12. RocheBrazil says:

    Rake?!!! Since fucking when? RollingLaughingMySickAssOff!

  13. GeneralSauerKraut says:

    I was going to say dildo…man was I off.

  14. Logixmaster says:

    @peronkop no, didn’t you see it went down? :(

  15. KB3594 says:

    He’s going to blow that 1500 on lots of hoes.

  16. mdsweeten says:

    oh that was PRICELESS!

  17. DimeWyldeBilly says:

    Trebeck is such a douchebag, “They teach you that in school in Utah huh?”. It’s too bad they didn’t teach humor at the schools he went to.

  18. onejuan13 says:


  19. peronkop says:

    I think the judges actually granted him a right answer for that.

  20. crapTASTIC444 says:

    I woulda said ho also

  21. bleedblue83 says:

    Actually I thought it was Ho also, if not for the difference in spelling.

  22. ssur55 says:

    Trebek kept going “whoa whoaa”, but based on contemporary jargon, “HO” is a better answer. Nobody says “rake” anymore.

  23. ff9player says:

    wow -$600 what happens when the game is over you have to pay them?

  24. TimTheReaper says:

    did ANYONE see his wise-ass smirk when ken said that? i GUARANTEE you he knew the right answer but he was like, “eh, fuck it. i’ma make ‘em laugh.” if that was the case, give ken a medal cuz it worked. i laughed my ass off.

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