What’s a Ho?

September 27, 2010 by Mario  
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What is a ho?

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25 Responses to “What’s a Ho?”
  1. TheHotdogjacker says:

    dumbass talkin shit about ken but hes the one winning. he shouldve gotn that one right

  2. dhabaddestnigga says:

    its a hoe with an e

  3. Alyzabeth1990 says:

    I miss this fucking guy! He was so fucking awesome and entertaining on that show!

  4. XionsEmpire says:

    i think they fucked him over on purpose with that…

    “lil bastard is turning this show into a no-brainer, well this oughta learn him”

    :/ jerks

  5. 08posdom says:

    basically look at his score he can say whatever he wants to ;)

  6. latex92 says:

    oh wow, Aimee and Al really need to get their shit togheter

  7. Rushthatspeaks says:

    @tadwight30 Yeah you’re right, this was a poorly worded question. Hoe is as right as rake is UNLESS they said immoral male pleasure seeker, hoe is actually as correct as rake is. Stupid fucks.

  8. katanya29 says:

    nothing’s wrong with that answer ….lol

  9. Destromath12 says:

    What was wrong with his answer?

  10. flyhighsa says:

    lol – 200 – 600

  11. nikobellic109 says:

    i would of asked for the spelling

  12. MINItheFox says:


  13. YASxYT says:

    @jkeller2008 literally? word fail

  14. LibertyMike1 says:

    Hey, he technically got the question correct!

  15. trentalent says:


  16. tadwight30 says:

    A rake is a male immoral pleasure seeker. A hoe is a female immoral pleasure seeker. I do believe it did not specify the gender. So how he heck is hoe wrong?

  17. Enlightener57 says:

    a rake in a imoral pleasure seeker way? WTH?

  18. blackalbino360 says:

    Ive never even heard of a rake. Bs, ken should have gotten them points.

  19. DaveSimonH says:

    Its all the funnier that in the context of the question it could have easily been the answer, maybe if it was aired at a later time though ;)

  20. iPityTheFool43 says:

    It’s ok, Ken Jennings. I would’ve said the same thing. :<

  21. jkeller2008 says:

    No, literally…whats a rake?

  22. nacholad says:

    1. Pause the video.

    2.Hold down the left arrow key

    3. You can now play snake on top of the video.?

  23. acatl33 says:

    wtf is a rake? lol

  24. jacksongino says:

    A “Ho” Trebek….Like your mother!!! AHAHAHA AH HA HA HA!

  25. felic70 says:

    @ssur55 oh *hides*

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