What we are growing this year

August 25, 2010 by Mario  
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Many people have been asking what we grow and were we buy our seeds. I thought I’d do a vid showing most of the seeds we are using this year. www.homestead-acres.com

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25 Responses to “What we are growing this year”
  1. Sheila6325 says:

    I’m gonna try a few of these, thank you! Oh, and Heirloom is pronounced like this


    not hair loom. Thought you would like to know.

    I love Heirloom seeds, and corn was one that I could not get much out of either!!

    I love your videos, and thanks for the bisquick mix and the bisquits video too. Just Great.

  2. lookingforthemeaning says:

    im growing golden bantam to. but have been warned that freshly picked it doesnt hold very long and should be eaten on that day:-) this is the first year of my garden and the slugs got nearly everything :-/

  3. ggmorvaj says:

    Ooops, sorry, I forgot to write the most important point….
    THank You for sharing this video!! (we’re really enjoying all the vids you post!)

  4. ggmorvaj says:

    produced early enough, but the quality was bad….the flavour’s nice, but it’s very seedy & the seeds are huge…our kids wouldn’t eat it. (the seed catalogues & books really recommend Cr of Sask’s flavour, but I think it’s all hype….. Yellow Doll’s our favorite. (I’m going to try saving my own seeds & selecting, to try to produce a reliable OP strain from it because the seed’s VERY expensive.

  5. ggmorvaj says:

    I’m near Lindsay ON & I’ve grown watermelon for around a decade. The only consistently reliable watermelon I’ve tried is the hybrid variety “Yellow Doll” (Stokes & William Dam sell it). Even so,last year was terrible for hot-weather crops,including melon.Even Yellow Doll was a failure. I’ve tried IceBox, Sugar Baby & Canada Red(all OP) non of them have been early enough to produce melons in Early Aug(later than that, it’s too cool to ripen) Cream of Saskatchewan was the only OP variety that ….

  6. hogkillerjp says:

    great video,have you heard anything on the amero? the new money system? thank you hogkillerjp

  7. susannamcintyre says:

    Since I am due for a garden update, I tried to make a video of what I am planting but my camera died…lol. I found it funny that I got the same free seeds from baker creek that you did but mine were labeled Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa. My seed list is too long to post here but definately not as long as yours. I can’t wait to see all you grow this year.

  8. tootnbarb says:

    I started some indoor herb gardens and have tomato and chili & sweet pepper seedlings growing in the front porch. My sister says you can make pickles from watermelon rinds. And they are supposed to be very tasty. I like your pickle vids also.

  9. mamahenof6 says:

    @HomesteadAcres Thanks Mrs. H :)

  10. fmaneko217 says:

    @CHEECHAKOSMONTANA Most seeds will store well for about three years in dry, cool conditions. Though I’ve had peas from 12 years ago that have had an 80% germinations rate, so I guess it depends.

  11. HomesteadAcres says:

    @tsiemens LOL!! Yup that would about sum up my watermelon growing. :-P

  12. HomesteadAcres says:

    @StevesBeast I’ve grown thyme before, but it was a long while back. I would start it in medium size pots and leave it until it’s a good size to transplant. Some plants don’t like being handled much.

  13. HomesteadAcres says:

    @StevesBeast Thanks! Yes we don’t want them cross pollinating. I’m keeping the open pollinated ones at the back of the property. The hybrid I’m planting along the driveway fence.

  14. HomesteadAcres says:

    @VivianRinSC I store my seeds in a box or drawer. I know many say they should be frozen or refrigerated, but I’ve had mine keep for years this way.
    I keep a sketch of what I’ve planted in different areas. And do a general lay out in the winter.

  15. HomesteadAcres says:

    @mamahenof6 Your lucky you have a big asparagus patch!! I’ll post some more info on the catnip tea in the forum. It’s good! :)

  16. HomesteadAcres says:

    @jwayfan Thanks! I don’t have a microwave, but I’d guess doing it the same way for 30 to 40 min in the oven should work. :-)

  17. HomesteadAcres says:

    @CHEECHAKOSMONTANA LOL Bakers Creek has a nice site don’t they. :-) Most people will tell you seeds should be stored in the fridge or freezer. Also I think vacuum sealed if possible. That said, most of the time I keep mine at room temp in a box or drawer. For me they have kept just fine this way for 3 or 4 years and still germinated just fine.


    How long do packets of seeds last, life span? I went to the Baker Creek website (you should get a commission – at least in seeds) I could really go crazy with all the great seeds they have but dont have quite the garden space to plant all at one time. I was wondering would they last for a couple of years? You are my veggie seeds guru :)

  19. MrGreenbudha says:

    hey LOVE veseys! they are great seeds.

  20. jwayfan says:

    you will love spagetthi squash. cut lengthwise put cut side down in a microwaveable dish. cook for 10-15 min. rake thje flesh out with an upside fork serve with butter,salt,&pepper. you can also serve like real spagetthi. P.S fill cooking dish with 1/2 inch of water…sorry for the error.

  21. GettingThereGreen says:

    I see we picked up a lot of the same seeds! That’s cool. I also have never had okra (neither has my husband) and I too live in Canada. You can use spaghetti squash in the place of noodles, apparently. I’ve never done it myself. I tried spaghetti squash once and didn’t like the texture. but I need to give it another try. ~Amanda

  22. mamahenof6 says:

    Yes McKenzie seeds can be found in stores out here in Saskatchewan. I have planted seeds from them and they have done very well. It is hard to get an asparagus patch established. We are lucky we have a patch 30 feet long. It is approx. 25 years old so well established :) Wow I have never heard of catnip tea :) Awesome job Mrs. H :)

  23. HomesteadAcres says:

    @tsiemens almost as bad as running out of nudges

  24. MrVidAnderson says:

    Luv Baker Creek. Keep up the good work.

  25. VivianRinSC says:

    How do you store your seeds? Do you plan out on paper where and when to plant?

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