Using Virginia Creeper as a window sunshade

January 19, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Gardening Tips

Parthenocissus quinquefolia

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5 Responses to “Using Virginia Creeper as a window sunshade”
  1. fanblow says:

    I know somebody who smoked it, because it supposedly numbs soreness and pains.

  2. garryentropy says:

    @AcresOfReed thanks for the olive tips

  3. AcresOfReed says:

    WoW, impressive. We have a ton of ivy that grows around our home and garden, we have to cut it back aggressively each week. Most of it is English Ivy, but we have 2 other kinds we don’t know the names of.

    Olive trees need a lot of heat, you might want to put it in your green house. We had some in our yard in Arizona when we lived there. They were thriving at over 115F and we never watered them, ever. It only rained 4 weeks of the year. No joke, we had olives coming out of our ears.

  4. TheJollyTog says:

    Really nice idea, I’m sure it makes the garden feel like another room!

  5. RelyOnYourselfTV says:

    Bloody raining here for a week ! No draught here. It’s doing good for the veg though. It’s been a dry year so far generally.

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