Urine for Garden, Composting Urine

July 15, 2010 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening

Human urine is a great, natural, free source of Nitrogen for your soil or compost. Flushing your urine after each pee, would waste thousands of gallons of water per year at home. Then, your valuable urine is not only lost, but it goes to a chemical waste center where they must use chemicals on all that water you flushed, since within the sewage pipes it has all gotten mixed with stool. To minimize the water shortages seen in so many communities, an easy way to save water is by NOT flushing away your urine. Using for your compost or garden is an extra benefit. (If you just let it sit in the toilet bowel until you have a bowel movement, then the urine can start to smell up your bathroom, and your garden or compost would be missing out on a great source of liquid nitrogen.) Try it…. it is much easier, cleaner, and normal than you might think.

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8 Responses to “Urine for Garden, Composting Urine”
  1. 503 says:

    you need to drink more water

  2. MichaelIanHenry says:

    @hobo59 Well said! That’s what I was thinking.
    Get a cheap 89 cent funnel and use it…LOL

  3. hobo59 says:

    Girls can just add a funnel from the auto dept at wallyworld !

  4. RockinDaBronx says:

    piss jugs are awesome

  5. OrganicGarden123 says:

    As a guy, I can say that it is VERY easy to pee into a jug. Have your husband watch the video and see if he’ll give it a try. In fact, I encourage any eco-friendly guy to try this for a week and if it is easy and helpful then you can decide if you want to continue it as a habit.

    You are probably right: women may have a tougher time peeing into a jug. Women should post their ideas/tips for how women can contribute THEIR urine to the compost also. Compost bugs do not discriminate by gender.

  6. OrganicGarden123 says:

    Yeah, it’s easy, right? I’ve been doing this for over a year now. No biggie.

  7. snugglebunnyac says:

    I wonder if i can get my husband to do this? Seems to be quite harder for a girl to do…

  8. jamecrowley says:

    i tryed it and it worked

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