Top 10 EASY Ways To Conserve In 2010

November 26, 2010 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening

Count down the top EASY ways to conserve in 2010 with Melissa McGinnis and GreenopolisTV! There are now 6.8 billion of us and we are connected like never before. The human population continues to expand by more than 200000 people every day. The latest UN projections have the global population reaching 9.2 billion by the middle of this century. Since we are all in it together lets make this year a new beginning for conserving and reusing….

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7 Responses to “Top 10 EASY Ways To Conserve In 2010”
  1. Videos2CookBy says:

    Thanks for the video! Being green is just appreciating the beautiful planet we have!

  2. macabre2007 says:

    On the composting front

    left over salad veg, tea bags, coffee dregs, egg shells yes, plus any steamed veg, but no food thats encoutered dairy, or seasoning, or gravy

    Indeed, you shouldn’t put cooked meat; veg; pulse or dairy – or you might encounter two problems –

    1. inflametory gas from methane production
    2. a rodent problem

    Another tip, reduce consumer ‘must haves’ … buy second hand items that supply what you need.

  3. spysub08 says:

    Let’s make it 11 tips. Here’s my deal . On your channel you make a video about the incredible pollution caused in all types of ways with disposable diapers and i’ll follow all your tips- all of which don’t don’t even come close to the filth and waste caused by disposable diapers- unless you are afraid of offending women on this issue…

  4. PlanetIgnorant says:

    Greenopolis makes me think i died and went to heaven! :D

    Found you on FB first but will add this channel as well.

  5. 6hs2 says:

    good stuff!!

  6. pegobuilders says:

    Being sceptical about climate change is not unreasonable, doing nothing about it is reckless

  7. rjr9868 says:

    great list Melissa. One tip I’ll add is to find non-toxic and pet safe household cleaners. You’d be surprised to learn that many common household cleaning brands are not only dangerous for your pets, but toxic to the environment. Find a cleaning product that says it is safe for the environment and for pets too!

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