Veggie Gardener part 1

January 29, 2011 by Mario  
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Andy starts an organic garden. Lots of good info here. this is part one…Soil

Veggie Tortilla Wrap with Chef Ann Cooper

July 16, 2010 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening http In this segment from Organic Living TV with the Hippy Gourmet we visit with the “Mother Theresa” of the healthier school lunch program, Chef Ann Cooper – who shows us how to prepare a simple lovely Tortilla Wrap with organic roasted veggies right from the Berkeley Farmer’s Market. Chef Ann works tirelessly to improve school nutritional diets, while inspiring organic gardening and cooking curriculum to K-12 students around the nation. Chef Ann is also a staunch supporter of Federal legislation to remove processed, transfat, sugary foods and beverages from public schools, and also leads the way in defining compassionate meal programs for helping feed hungry children breakfast, lunch and even after school meals (which is the only nutrition many of the poorer kids get each day). We love Ann and support her efforts! She has tons of great recipes on her website, so we hope this segment will lead you all directly to her.