Juan O’ Sullivan’s Tip of the Week #4: Tomato Blight Prevention and Maintenance

January 7, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Gardening Tips

Now doing Juan’s gardening and culinary Tip of the Week on Juan’s for just a few weeks, I have recieved numerous messages on Facebook and on Juan’s email but the most asked question that I get is “what do I do about tomato blight’? Fighting tomato blight is not easy and starts before you even plant your seeds but here is a review of what I mention in the video: 1. Choose Disease Resistant Varieties: When you are choosing seeds to plant in your early season nursery or at the garden store buying tomatoes, info on the plants will tell you what fungus and other disease that plant is resistant to. Buy plants that have lots of resistance codes. (see video) 2. Use Ground Cover: Always use a barrier like newspaper to keep disease infected dirt and soil borne fungus like tomato blight from splashing on our lower plant leaves when it rains or you water. Put mulch or straw on top of the newspaper to keep it in place and keep the weeds down and the blight out. 3. Keep Plants Elevated For Air Flow: If you planted your tomatoes too close together, plan next year to give them more space. Air flow through your garden prevents bight and proper spacing is imperative to good plant health and production. Use cages or tie plants up on stakes with strips of nylon panty hose (some stretchy material) to keep them off the ground. 4: Clean Off Infected Leaves: At the bottom of the plant, pull off all of the dead and discolored leaves. Take those infected leaves and put them in the garbage and keep