Down at the end of your road – Jethro Tull (crazy pictures for Ian’s crazy imagination on this one)

June 11, 2010 by Mario  
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I Always thought this song had a good musical feel to it but it also has really strange lyrics. Jethro Tull always wrote complex and difficult songs to understand but this one is, or should be really simple. Here are the lyrics= I am your neighbor. I seem most respectable, But underneath Im an iniquitous toad. So many dreadful mishaps have befallen you — Down at the end of your road. And I live down the end of your road. Im working on ways to remove you from paradise — From your striped lawn and your new swimming pool. I place broken bottles in your geraniums — Sabotage your gardening tools. And I live down the end of your road. By day I am a real estate gentleman. I deal in fine properties — cheap at the price. After dark, I plan my most devious practices Which you might think are not very nice. Designing a system to reverse your plumbing — Welling up, as you sit on your private throne. Will come up all kinds of vile and despicable nasties You would rather not have in your home. And I live down the end of your road. Dispensed loathsome creatures in your drawing room, Sent doggy poo-poos in your morning mail. Rats heads and larks wings should set your tums turning And your houses will soon be for sale. And I live down the end of your road.