Guns N’ Roses-Garden Of Eden LIVE (1991)

April 28, 2011 by Mario  
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Guns N’ Roses Cancion Garden Of Eden en Vivo, 1992 It’s a critical solution And the east coast got the blues It’s a mass of confusion Like the lies they sell to you You got a glass jawed toothache Of a mental disease An they be runnin’ round back See ‘em line up on their knees ‘Cause the kiss ass sycophants Throwin’ penance at your feet When they got nowhere to go Watch ‘em come in off the streets While they’re bangin’ out front Inside their slammin’ to the cruch Go on an throw me to the lions And the whole damn screamin’ bunch ‘Cause the pissed-off rip-offs ‘R’ everywhere you turn Tell me how a generation’s ever s’posed to learn This fire is burnin’ and it’s out of control It’s not a problem you can stop It’s rock n’ roll I read it on a wall It went straight to my head It said “Dance to the tension of a world on edge” We got racial violence and who’ll cast the first stone And sex is used anyway it can be Sometimes when I look out It’s hard to see the day It’s a feelin’ you can have it It’s not mine to take away Lost in the garden of Eden Said we’re lost in the garden of Eden And there’s no one’s gonna believe this But we’re lost in the garden of Eden This fire is burnin’ and it’s out of control It’s not a problem you can stop It’s rock n’ roll Suck on that Looking through this point of view There’s no way I’m gonna fit in Don’t ya tell me what my eyes see Don’t ya tell me who to believe in I ain’t superstitious But I know when somethin’s wrong I’ve been draggin’ my heels


June 30, 2010 by Mario  
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