How to choose the best composter (compost bin) to buy

January 22, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Gardening Tips There are many different styles of compost bins one can choose from, ranging from stationary, to compost, to worm composters, to indoor composters and so on. Then on top of that, there’s different models and styles, with different capacities, and tons of accessories to go along with them. What we’ve done is grouped everything into sections and then we explain the different styles of compost bins and uses. That’s right – we’ve created a comprehensive buyer’s guide to compost bins for you. This is actually an easy process, it’s just a matter of deciding what kind of bin you want, and then where you want to place it. Learn all about compost bins in this crash course introduction to compost bins. If you’re looking for more information and want to see many of these great composters, please click the link at the top of this description. There’s a wealth of information about composters there, and plenty of links to some of the different composters in this video. Hope this helps, and happy composting!

Garden Care : How to Choose the Right Houseplant

December 23, 2010 by Mario  
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To choose the right houseplant for your needs, you must consider the light levels in each part of the home and then learn how much soil and water the plant will require. Make the right choices with the aid of this free video on garden care. Expert: Matt Kerske Bio: Matt Kerske has served as co-owner and manager of Gardens of Babylon in Nashville, Tennessee, for more than six years. He specializes in organic gardening. Filmmaker: Phillip Givens Series Description: Whether you plan to grow cactus, citrus plants, winter vegetables or just keep your houseplants healthy, the right potting, planting and basic care techniques can make both your garden and your thumb that much greener. Learn valuable garden care tips from an expert in this free video series.

How to Raise Organic Vegetables : How to Choose Organic Seeds & Plants

March 24, 2010 by Mario  
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To plant your organic garden, you can use young plants, hybrid seeds, native seeds or seeds that you’ve harvested by yourself. Learn tips for choosing and planting seeds and young plants in your organic garden in this free gardening video lesson. Expert: Gale Gassiot Bio: Gale Gassiot makes her own organic compost or “gardener’s black gold.”