Square Foot Gardening Update

February 16, 2011 by Mario  
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See more at: produceyourgreenpower.com See how to use square foot gardening techniques to grow the most fruits and vegetables in a small area

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24 Responses to “Square Foot Gardening Update”
  1. london1817 says:

    What’s better than being outside also!

  2. OneTrueCanine says:

    everyone just needs to build their own garden…and save a ton of money

  3. hasni3000 says:

    Oh yes actually i wrote the wrong comment in to the wrong person. sorry about that. Yes i have some space inside the house and i do get reasonable sun light enough to grow a plant as well. But its just that we dont have a garden here. so i ll just put in inside. Luckly there is a nurcerry close to my house but they only sell fancy plants like flowers or other plants for decoration. I ll have to get some more advice for the vegitable seeds or roots.

  4. london1817 says:

    Not for chickens!
    We are talking about growing plants in a 5 gallon bucket right?

  5. hasni3000 says:

    Thanks for the advice. But one thing i wanted to know if keeping a gallon tucket or a box would be conjusted? or is ok if I make some holes for ventilation.

  6. london1817 says:

    Build it outside I guess start small…start in a 5 gallon bucket on your front porch…. thats what I did years back in the city.

  7. hasni3000 says:

    what if we dont have a garden in the house? any advice?

  8. kalecgos978 says:

    8 pounds! thts alot!! none of our stuff has been growing cause of the rain we are getting. for the past few months we only got a bit of sunlight.

  9. london1817 says:

    Well I am more worried about the crap Walmart sprays on the produce
    I just enjoy groing my own really….I picked 8 pounds of lettuce last week.
    Thanks for the comment…….Rick.

  10. kalecgos978 says:

    plus if u grow ur own veggies ull end up saving lots of cash, and ur veggies happen 2 be more healthier then the ones at walmart and shoprite. with the money u didnt use on groceries u could have spend it on other things or payed ur bills. even if u live in a apartment u can still have like some tomato plants on the balcany or somthing….. most people are spoiled and their standards are way to high just like u said………..
    sad but true

  11. london1817 says:

    Thanks for the comment!
    I think( right now) everybody should grow a garden and try to learn.
    You are right people’s standards are way to high even in a depression…

  12. Larryd1001 says:

    Most people don’t have the know how to survive with out a grocery store and a walmart. It’s good to see someone showing people how to make it in tough times.

  13. wgseagal says:

    hey you sound like paul walker in the fast and furouis lol

  14. london1817 says:

    The 5 in one my wife bought on EBAY.
    We live in NC. It is very nice here!
    I moved here from San Diego, Califonia
    13 years ago. I hated the rat race & the city / polution. Thanks for the comment!

  15. WeThePeopleOnline says:

    Well, you can tell I have been running through all your videos, lol. Love the 5 in 1, where can I get one? What regions/ state do you live in, it’s beautiful there. I’m down in Texas so I love the rain barrels you made, just have to get the garden started!

  16. london1817 says:

    Like peach trees, figs ,kiwi, everbearing strawberries,blueberries,blackberries,apple tree, pear trees.
    Thats about all I can think of,,Off the top of my head………..Rick.

  17. BeefyCrackers12 says:

    2:28.. Nice turbine in the background =]

    i have always wanted to make a small garden like that.. what type of plants go on year round so that u dont have to plant it every year?

  18. london1817 says:

    Well, It seems to love its new spot.
    I had to find a place it liked…..now it seems happy!

  19. london1817 says:

    Well good! Everybody should I think!

  20. KermitsGreenAss says:

    i’m loving the 5 in1 tree pretty cool..is that going to grow with no problems ??

  21. rubyspirit2 says:

    Cool garden. I went traditional this year, but hope to do a raise bed next year.

  22. london1817 says:

    I never figured out what That flower was!
    If I can’t eat it….I don’t care what it is!!!!!
    Thanks for your comment.

  23. zg19884ev says:

    Yep that is one fancy flower ;) lmfao

  24. pozzerbob says:

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