Square Foot Garden Fun

February 20, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening

See more at: produceyourgreenpower.com Rick and Christina goof off making raised beds for the new garden

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13 Responses to “Square Foot Garden Fun”
  1. london1817 says:

    I always wanted to make a cold frame or a green house.

  2. SSanf says:

    I made my raised beds out of wood but after 4 or 5 years they all rotted out. Now they are used cinder blocks stacked two high which will last forever. I just scored a lot of free windows so this year they will also be used as cold frames.

  3. london1817 says:

    You know..someone else said that a while back…I don’t have cable/sat….I guess i should goggle Oswald.
    I hope he’s cool…not like Waldo…Bahaha.

  4. utubepunk says:

    This video made me laugh. This guy reminds me of Oswald from the Drew Carey show. Good job.

  5. BeefyCrackers12 says:

    How much power do they put out?
    And why not have both up?

  6. london1817 says:

    Carrots need a foot of loose soil.
    The turbine in the back ….is the back up one for the one that is up and running.
    You have a very sharp eye!!!
    Thanks ….rick.:)

  7. BeefyCrackers12 says:

    Im going to start one of these. I think im going to do strawberries, and maybe carrots..
    How come that turbine in the back isn’t up, is it broken?

  8. london1817 says:

    Cool it is the best way to get started i think!! thanks for your comment!

  9. oxman0313 says:

    I am in the middle of making my SFG now.

  10. lifeoffgrid says:

    I’ve seen a few, i’ll look again. I think all im going to try is potatoes and carrots. i dont want to overdue it right away.


  11. london1817 says:

    Mel’s book is great…Have you seen his video’s on you tube?

  12. lifeoffgrid says:

    i bought his book too and plan on making my own sfg soon!

  13. Carlstens says:

    planning to make mine “Cinder Block” hight
    Got a couple hundred of ‘em for free. Did have some 8′x4′ – 2×6 beds, but area was too wet (Couldn’t even walk in there last spring)
    so I’m moving it this year…. anybody ever transplant asparagus?

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