Plant propagation from stem cuttings

January 24, 2011 by Mario  
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Plant propagation from stem cuttings. Make a whole new tree!

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4 Responses to “Plant propagation from stem cuttings”
  1. coolanddark says:

    @sweetgem123 Yes! The best time to do this is in spring at first new growth. You really wont need any root hormone powder then. Best wishes

  2. sweetgem123 says:

    Will this work without the hormone powder? Thanks.

  3. coolanddark says:

    @justcallmethelma Hey you little mouse killer you found me here. lol. Im not to good at susplaining how to plant a new tree here. COmputers can be so stressfull!!! They drive me nuts!!

  4. justcallmethelma says:

    ah she is so pretty really…she sure enjoyed that grass too!…and took me forever to get the video to work ..notsure whats going on with my internet but i am gonna have to call them……..again!!!!! certain times of day ican get em to work………or at least i think…….but lost patience toinight for sure! so i am definitely done watching vids for nite…or i might just chuck the computer out the door! if i grow anymore impatient with it! happy plantings and happy cooking lil stinker!

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