PHS Garden Tip: How To Make a Fast, EASY Rain Barrel for Your Garden

March 1, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Gardening Tips

PHS conducts workshops all over Philadelphia, teaching people how to make rain barrels.

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10 Responses to “PHS Garden Tip: How To Make a Fast, EASY Rain Barrel for Your Garden”
  1. ArizonaAdventures says:

    great video! I like the simple way this all works.

  2. x4167 says:

    @dkim68 Please make a video and show us the correct way,I dont think people are really concerned with making it look pretty,they just want something that works,and a quick way to do this,I guarantee if you really need water you wont be worrying about how pretty something looks,lol.

  3. aquabarrel says:

    You will find a lot of rain barrel accessories at Aquabarrel . com

  4. shortyfreak1 says:

    Well done!

  5. sndd0138 says:

    haha. 50 rain barrels

  6. dkim68 says:

    Sloppy job. I would’ve used a hole saw instead of a jigsaw. And teflon tape around the threads of the bib instead of caulk on the outside of it.

  7. joe18370 says:

    i think your screen should block seddaments from entering the rain barrels, great job

  8. RATHAHONNI says:

    Very informative and simple,well done.Now we need another video to explain what is used to pump the water out to the garden? To get a little pressure to make the water spray a little.

  9. andreaferich says:

    Nice overflow valve!

  10. blaricci says:

    One of the best tutorials on how to make a rain barrel.

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