Perennial Flower Tips: Tag Making

February 5, 2011 by Mario  
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Perennial flower tips: tag making, this is how to make simple and easy plant tags for your seed starting and gardening we use plant tags in all our seed starting as well as garden testing and these can add up to a few dollars that we can save by recycling used yogurt tubs and with a few minutes with the scissors. One trick that I will share is that when you plant a new perennial in your garden, you always put the tag in the same spot. In my case I try always to put the tag on the south side of the plant and I bury it with the plant. A tag that is not exposed to sunlight will last for years while if you leave it above ground, it will be brittle by the end of the first year. Similarly, when sewing perennial flower seeds I always line up the tags in the same spot on the pot so that when I see the flat of pots, I can easily read the tags. It’s a small thing, but as a commercial grower I used to start thousands of parts of seed every year and doing this helped me find them. I’ve just continue doing it. I tend to use a soft pencil to write on the tags. It’s waterproof, smudge proof, and lasts for several years without deterioration in the sunshine. Magic markers, on the other hand, deteriorate and fade quite quickly in sunshine so that they become unreadable within a few short months. For more perennial flower gardening tips and videos please visit my website at http

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