Osmocote Gardening Tip 8 Composting

February 12, 2011 by Mario  
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Osmocote Gardening Tip #8 hosted by Pam Bennett

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8 Responses to “Osmocote Gardening Tip 8 Composting”
  1. tadnemakt1983 says:

    I like the ideas i love this product ps cold in michigan and missing my garden

  2. glvedio says:

    very2 nice glove

  3. sk8erflip4 says:

    Nice vid! Very good information thankz for sharing

  4. jesseeldrid says:

    Osmocote is deadly if you eat it, but fine for flowers. I think its about time they came up with something for edibles. do your research on this product. it is also has one of the highest levels of cancer causing radiation

  5. grenthum says:

    Thanks for sharing this video, I found it through a search for gardening!

  6. shortcut007 says:

    :D thanks thats great information and i also say you are very good at talking on film :D very clear and precise!

  7. craftpals says:

    Well done, thank you!

  8. bulentakarer says:

    it s very nice video
    thanks for it
    you must be an actor
    you describe it wonderful
    you re good at recording video

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