NatureMill Automatic Indoor Composter – Demonstration part 1

November 12, 2010 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening This automatic indoor composter is a fantastic way to make your compost indoors! It can be set on a timer, or on an continuous cycle to mix and rotate your food scraps into rich compost (when brown and green material is mixed together properly). This video will be the first of a series into which we demonstrate the usage of the composter, and actually make a batch of compost for you, to see how it works. This will give you a full view of how to work and operate the composter. For more information on this composter, click the link at the top of the page.

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5 Responses to “NatureMill Automatic Indoor Composter – Demonstration part 1”
  1. frostxr says:

    lol apperently it can take up to 5pounds per day, so youd need alot of those lol

  2. mofomikes says:

    how many units would i need to quickly compost, say a body about your size? – theoretically of course, thnx

  3. realberserker says:

    spinemittens > It would be ideal to add fresh material after the top bin has been emptied, so that way the waste gets treated to a full cycle of rotation and heating. But, the lower compartment will also stay warm and the blended compost will continue to break down there. Bacterial activity is very high in both compartments.

  4. spinemittens says:

    I have a question, maybe you can help.

    Let’s assume the NatureMill is about to release a batch of compost into the tray. What would happen if I added organic matter, say, one day before the batch is dropped into the tray? From what I get from it, the fresh organic matter will be mixed into the compost, but won’t have the advantage of being rotated for the selected period.

    Is there a disadvantage to having non-rotated organic matter mixed in my compost? Thanks in advance.

  5. RedefineChris says:


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