Lemon Balm – a fragrant plant for your garden, gardeningclub.com

February 28, 2011 by Mario  
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Gardening How-To editor, Elizabeth Noll discusses fresh-scented lemon balm. Presented by the National Home Gardening Club (NHGC), www.gardeningclub.com

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4 Responses to “Lemon Balm – a fragrant plant for your garden, gardeningclub.com”
  1. theTeabag says:

    @iamgood321 the story with my lemon balm has a happy ending. Even though it looked almost dead, it survived and looks very pretty now. Maybe your one will get bettter as well. 3 of 4 cuttings I took survived too. I hope my plant will make it through the winter. I wonder whether to cover it

  2. iamgood321 says:

    @theTeabag me too i also have these problem

  3. skateboy159 says:

    @theTeabag i planted seeds they never came up i planted catnip to it didnt come up to gl on ur herbs

  4. theTeabag says:

    my lemon balm is dying for some reason. I planted it 2 weeks ago and many leaves are getting dark. I don’t know why. The spot is sunny with moist but not too wet soil.

    I’m angry because the plant was overpriced. I tried to rescue it by cutting some branches and putting them in a container with soil in hope the plant would produce the roots. But it seems to be sick too.

    HomeGardeningClub do you have any idea how can I save my lemon balm ??? :(

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