Lawn Care & Design : How to Renovate a Lawn

July 5, 2010 by Mario  
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Renovate a damaged lawn by aerating the soil, watering grass on a weekly basis, fertilizing with compost and mowing regularly. Thicken grass in a lawn with the help of this free video from a professional landscaper on lawn care tips. Expert: Bill Elzey Contact: Bio: Bill Elzey is the owner and manager of Showplace Lawns in Austin, Texas. Filmmaker: Todd Green

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8 Responses to “Lawn Care & Design : How to Renovate a Lawn”
  1. bluejacket83 says:

    @RM250D8rzr not much nutrients are lost from bagging clippings

  2. maxpower978 says:

    Is this guy for real?

  3. curbApp1 says:

    This cant be real?

  4. RM250D8rzr says:

    but what is the customer wants the mulch picked up and taken away? then a topdressing should happen once a year? becuse ur taking away all the nutrience everytime you cut.

  5. INT3RNAUT says:

    This guy knows his lawncare, he reminds me of the guys from the movie “THE ROOKIE”.

  6. snnnoopy says:

    You make some very good points here. I was wondering about he aerating that you speak of. You said to aerate in the fall, which I did before I seeded. Now it is spring and the turf is thick. Is it recommended to aerate again?

  7. juancjara says:

    You look bored

  8. bellamama1231 says:

    No you do not top dress after you have aerated that defeats the whole purpose…there is a general watering for new seed growth…TOPDRESSING is not recommended on a regular basis….renovation to get a “golf course look” can be brought in 1 season….

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