LAte spring update.wmv

February 1, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening

Finally an update! Sorry so long I have been very busy.

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5 Responses to “LAte spring update.wmv”
  1. Revolutionisnow1 says:

    I could break up those chives for sure! Good suggestion. I do hope to use the cardboard trick, its worked awsome so far!

  2. jihadacadien says:

    nice fencing for the peas. About the chives…not sure when but you could divide the bunch and spred it around. man with all the trees you’ll have a great view eventually! And if you want to kill the weed in your main garden you could cover it up with cardboard ;) really works!

  3. dalecalder2003 says:

    Had to do some checking to see exactly where Trochu is, hopefully your are not in a similar situation to Medicinehat it looks like the poor farmers there are going to have a lost season. Your gardens seem to be coming along fine now that your summer weather is underway they should start to take off.

  4. Revolutionisnow1 says:

    We have had some warm days up to 27 C and some nights close to freezing.

  5. pinetar100 says:

    things are looking good.what the temp this time of the year by you.

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