Landscaping Ideas for a Beautiful Yard : Potting Plants & Flowers

February 3, 2011 by Mario  
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Potting plants and flowers is a skill you’ll want to master to have a beautiful garden, get expert tips and advice on plants, yards, and gardening in this free video. Expert: Carolyn Holt Bio: Carolyn Holt owns her own landscaping business, Carolyn’s Gardens, and has been a professional landscaper for over 30 years. She also has a degree in horticulture.

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8 Responses to “Landscaping Ideas for a Beautiful Yard : Potting Plants & Flowers”
  1. Antiks72 says:

    @xnermeenx Osmocote.

  2. omarelalaoui says:

    nice plant

  3. omarelalaoui says:

    nice plant

  4. mandystarlight says:

    Actually, we do. Rocks or potsherds are just fine in the bottom – go on ahead and breathe now and keep on doing it. Happy gardening! :)

  5. anacondaofrodel says:

    nice cat

  6. luxnlher says:

    You should never,never put rock in the bottom of a pot for drainage. It messes up the moisture content of your soil…at most put down a coffee filter/breathable fabric to catch excess dirt. think about it, when you go to a nursery/greenhouse, they do NOT ever put rock in their pots. Stop doing it!

  7. xnermeenx says:

    what’s the all purpose time release formula? do you use that with all plants?

  8. eponitzen says:

    I like to use the 4″ pot the plant came with to scoop soil out of the bag and top off around the plant.

    Nice garden

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