Integrating vegetables into my flower garden

February 4, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Flower Gardening

I love gardening–both vegetable/fruit gardening and flower gardening! This look at my garden shows how I have integrated vegetables/fruit with flowers.

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3 Responses to “Integrating vegetables into my flower garden”
  1. jihadacadien says:

    @jihadacadien Oh yeah and keeps the bees cloze to the vegetable flowers

  2. KLisaLisa says:

    Yes, I have heard that before. The flowers can also encourage birds to come and I always hope they will come and eat insects.

  3. jihadacadien says:

    I need to put more flowers with my veggies!. Did you know having flowers among your veggies can confuse some bugs into thinking they are not their favorite plant. looks great too!

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