How to Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden : How to Pull Weeds in the Garden

July 29, 2010 by Mario  
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Learn how to pull weeds in your garden in this free video on low maintenance gardening. Expert: Doug Smiddy Bio: Doug Smiddy has had an active interest in gardening as long has he can remember. Filmmaker: Dale Fitzgerald

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8 Responses to “How to Set Up a Low Maintenance Garden : How to Pull Weeds in the Garden”
  1. bueno720 says:

    what do you do with a lawn full of hard dirt full of weeds?

  2. fatturdburger says:

    Just leave the weeds there they reduce your carbon.

  3. thetopturnbuckle says:

    Thank You sir, you have a beautiful lawn.

  4. 9aspengold5 says:

    magnoliasouth- the people who post under expertvillage are smart and have great tips. These people should make their own video’s showing a complete story in one upload. Remember grade school!! a story needs a beginning, middle and end. The Expert Village format does not present a full story in one video. That is why I am surprised when one video gives us viewers a full story.

  5. magnoliasouth says:

    Is this the only comment you post? I’ve seen in under numerous expert village videos!

  6. 9aspengold5 says:

    amazing. An actual video from expert village that is complete and informative.

  7. blldgs101 says:

    I can see ppl one day actually growing weed in thier lawn for medicinal puposes. LOL

  8. Adan94 says:

    good video….good tip thanks.

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