How to Plant Strawberries

August 30, 2010 by Mario  
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Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, shows you how to plant delicious strawberries. Check out Patti’s website, and sign up for the newsletter Distributed by Tubemogul.

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25 Responses to “How to Plant Strawberries”
  1. lastzombiehunter says:

    can you wear a lower top?

  2. supersticky87 says:

    make sure its full of weed?!?!?!? …OK!!!!!

  3. boot17 says:

    @Praxxus55712 this is the funniest thing ive read all day

  4. mormonslayer71 says:

    I’m so addicted to your videos, I’ve learned so much from watching your clips. Makes me wonder why my wife not like you.

  5. svedr says:

    @pixiepqueen i just planted mine in pots today, so thatmakes two of us, if that makes you feel better:)

  6. theamazingplant2 says:

    @pacmanZero21 you can grow from seed. its just difficult.

  7. eredy says:

    wheres the sun light never keep out of the light and you can plant runners

  8. will3482 says:

    Don’t plant on the ground unless you want to lose most of your crop to slugs and the like. Put them in planters or hanging planters, “double fist’in” ftw.

  9. junemo1 says:

    so, the only way to grow strawberries is to buy the plant? you cant grow from seeds?

  10. telemarker77 says:

    you should grow strawberries in elevated beds only. although the roots dont go deep. You need to amend the soil with manure and sand. they like a ph of around 6.0. slightly acidic. ‘plugs’ are better than bare roots. it is to expensive to plant the way she is. strawberries should be mulched. every bearing or day neutral types are better than june only, but june only are prolific, sweet. strawberries need 1.5 inches of irrigation a week. mulch bed with straw or pine bark. she’s hot.

  11. telemarker77 says:

    nice job kid

  12. binashraf says:

    0:49 i think she’s tryna hint something

  13. pacmanZero21 says:

    is growing strawberries from seed impossible?why is everybody in every video talk about planting ready roots?

  14. yoItsTDawg says:

    i thought u put the roots sticking out

  15. thedifferentelement says:

    Same here. Since I’m a guy, I usually garden shirtless. It’s nearly the same…

  16. bigsmoke539 says:

    double fistin thats what she said

  17. McSwammich says:

    I always dress like that when I’m gardening.


  18. imlatinoguy says:

    cool. but how to plant the strawberry instead of the plant?

  19. RachieRats says:

    If you want hand “pots” you know those containers you can get like 10L of water or something from the shops? they are handy :)

  20. pixiepqueen says:

    quite frankly, at times, yes. (:))

  21. spyknife says:

    Ever thought of emigrating ?

  22. pixiepqueen says:

    You haven’t lived until you’d had a 50C day. That is like hell. I have experienced that twice. Once in on the Nullarbor Plains and once in the country near Perth around 1976. It was crazy. Not something I’d like to feel again. But that’s Australia for you. Sorry if I gave you the impression that I was down on myself. I’m ok really. I just don’t make much money. You need 1/2 a million to buy land in the metro areas of Perth these days. bit hard! So, no garden for me! but I’m ok. I’ll use pots.

  23. spyknife says:

    Well, life is a challenge that everyone has to deal with. I am sure that if you work hard and believe in yourself you will reach your goals.
    However when you reach your goal, I think you’ll find it was not as good as it seemed.
    Damn 40C, is ridiculously hot! Never more than 30C in peak summer over here in London,UK.

  24. pixiepqueen says:

    I like huge work in gardens if I have the time. It’s hard when you have to work and your job is quite physical. I am a patient care assistant. It involves a lot of physical activity all day. Lots of cleaning. I find gardening is very healing though. I see a lot of people having the worst time of their lives in hospital. It wears. I am trying container gardens this year. We have a lot of hot weather and not much water here. It gets over 40C here in summer. Hot!

  25. spyknife says:

    I have a garden (sort of) but there is no soil at all.
    Its completly cemented over with some patio plants on the side. I used to have a HUGE garden in the 90′s with an apple tree and a pear tree and it required a HUGE amount of work and maintenence.

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