How To Plant Herbs

April 4, 2011 by Mario  
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Sign up for a newsletter and get a free herb. Steve McShane here, McShane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply. Think of the best Salsa you’ve ever had, it was the fresh cilantro, wasn’t it? Herbs go a long way in the garden and we’re going to learn a little bit about how to succeed with herbs in your landscape and backyard. The first thing I would say is you need to plan for your herb garden, most people are growing herbs today in containers. They’re putting a little gravel in the bottom, they’re adding a high grade potting soil, maybe a little bit of mycorrhizae and some starter fertilizer to get them going. I always tell people to select things that are going to be a little exotic. Edible plants as well, why not mix in with your herbs things like nasturtium. The flowers of nasturtium are a little peppery and they do a lot for your salads. Calendula is also edible. These blooms, the plant what a great addition to your salads and entrĂ©s. The other thing I say to folks is make sure you consider sun. Sunlight: 6 to 8 hours a day. If you’ve got the right plan, you’ve got the right herbs, you’re feeding regularly and they’re plenty of sunshine, it’s easy to succeed. Before you know it, you’ll have salsa and dishes coming out of your kitchen with home grown herbs. McShane’s Nursery and Landscape Supply Copyright 2010 Landon Wolf Copyright 2010

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