How to Plant a Vegetable Garden : Weed Control Tips for Your Vegetable Garden

December 2, 2010 by Mario  
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Learn how to control weeds in your vegetable garden in this free online video guide to vegetable gardening. Expert: Scott Reil Contact: Bio: Scott Reil is an accredited nurseryman and longtime horticulturalist with over two decades of experience in the field. Scott is now working for Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

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15 Responses to “How to Plant a Vegetable Garden : Weed Control Tips for Your Vegetable Garden”
  1. appositionadmin says:


  2. mrabuckten says:

    grow weed scott

  3. bilaczenko says:

    Respectfully sir, the use and garden area,plan is very inefficient , first you soil is made up of large stones, visit the local tip or op shop use an old fashioned bed frame with webbed mesh base for seiving all the soil for seaparating the rocks. IMHOThe idea of growing in mounds is bad practise , preferably the garden plot should be flat with a small moot circling each plant to retain water and focus on each plants root system , with mounding theres is water run off . Thanks for the video

  4. CardModFilms says:

    lol just get a hoe to do it! job done THANKS EXPERT VILLAGE

  5. aus2045 says:

    You big hoe! I like to let the weed grow, then smoke it dude!

  6. charlestutt says:

    I don’t need these tools anymore. I have a much easier and more effective way, though I do support and practice mulching with less than finished compost.

  7. sillygirl722 says:

    I got mine at walmart. I have also seen them in garden centers

  8. clubsoda69 says:

    where did you find your double action hoe? I need one for my weeds and crab grass!

  9. crazyflamingoc says:

    Very good tips.

  10. TexasGardenRabbit says:

    I hand pick everything I can during my tills. Garden fabric to trap out sunlight, and Mulch to block new drops, and raise mulch to 2 inches so weed roots dont go deep and are easier to pull. Excellent video on making weeds tired of growing though. nice looking soil too. The compost you have looks rich and moist.

    What are you breaking down to make your compost?

  11. demmylowther says:

    My problem is every spring I lay down weed barrier first.Then cover with mulch.This works for that season.But coming next spring I have weed seeds,tree seeds and everything else that settled in my garden bed over the summer and fall.I’ve pulled up the weed barrier each year and started all over.Now that I’ve accum. so much mulch,I can’t put fresh stuff down.Each veg.plant gets a gallon size hole in the ground and filled with Scotts Mir.grow soil.I might use weed barrier with no mulch this year.?

  12. petetubele says:

    Compost and mulch are different things.

    Compost is yummy stuff for the vegi roots.
    Mulch is random blocking stuff to put on top of compost. ie tree bark, rubber tires, newspaper, coffee grounds, AOL sign up cds.

  13. nikonpictopro says:

    expert village doesn’t respond to comments

  14. sillygirl722 says:

    I just bought one of those double action hoes, and they are great!! Hand picking the weeds was a nightmare! How long does it take for the compost to reach the mulch stage?

  15. 88580714 says:


    i cant watch this video p0

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