How to grow HUGE Vegetables!

July 26, 2010 by Mario  
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How to grow HUGE Vegetables!

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25 Responses to “How to grow HUGE Vegetables!”
  1. GraemeOfCawdor says:

    Hey John, I am interested in making a small brewer, but i cant find a diffuser like you have . Where did you get yours? and what is your feed recipe for the bacteria.

  2. ScopedOUT2 says:

    @myrmidonH76 Root stimulant

  3. ScopedOUT2 says:

    You can’t become like Arnold if you put the right food in your stomach Mr…. You have to put the right roids…

  4. mattyjohanna says:

    thanx for the tips :) the website at the end is wrong tho…

  5. hoggmobb100 says:


  6. myrmidonH76 says:

    what he add at 5:49???


    @stymye you are wrong. The sunlight duration is not advantageous to a plant if the soil has no nutrients or nutrients locked up. Compost tea works and it continues to work even in the soil itself. Eventually poor soil turns to a black loam over time and its incredibly good even if you don’t use compost tea afterwards for a long time. Your nutrient levels will go down however as you harvest but this is always the case in any way. Replenishing by crop rotation works also.

  8. greenthumbmarc says:

    Hey I just started my garden 2 weeks ago for the first time, and so far I think they’re doin’ great! Doe you have any tips for a beginner? I also need some help identifying my plants, I forgot to write the name down of the seeds :p. Anyway go to my channel if you think you can help me out or just want to see my garden. One question before I leave, how much water should you give plants that are just 2 weeks old?

  9. stymye says:

    If we all grew in a place with 6 months of sun you would grow massive plants too !
    it’s not a myth

  10. Lawknee says:

    This guy is amazing! Thank you for posting this video.

  11. granddadyclone says:

    Organic is the way to go, best flavor and healthier plants.

  12. granddadyclone says:


  13. stymye says:

    @eyk71 molasses

  14. FishyMoe says:

    @eyk71 No worries glad to help. Also I can see a principle i learnt from fish tanks at work here; regarding converting waste into nutrients. He is aerating the whole mixture. This would promote the break down of the compost into a nice big helping of usable nitrogen. Also plant roots need oxygen, oxygenated water would maybe aid in the growth here. seems overall very efficient. The veggies are too big though hahahah u’d get so fat.

  15. eyk71 says:

    @FishyMoe Thanks for your input fishyMoe, I think the key obviously is in activating the microbes as much as possible so they can transfer the nutrients so the plant can take it up through osmosis the more microbes the more conversion and using simple sugars, interesting, let me know if I have it wrong.

  16. FishyMoe says:

    @eyk71 Not quite sure but probably glucose and fructose, the most common monosaccharides (simple sugars).

  17. HoboNetWeaver says:

    Compost tea! Organic farmers now have the edge!

  18. eyk71 says:

    He said compost and then he said simple sugars for brewing the compost tea what are those sugars please.

  19. ZeroFossilFuel says:

    Right. Paul James. Know that voice anywhere.

  20. insAneTunA says:

    I don’t know Z

  21. chardnj says:

    @insAneTunA food cirisis because of who control the world market…and you can guess which countries are those..they are killing us..we are not a working People..we are slave because of greedy People..So sad..don’t yo they are controlling the basic food.Rice,Sugar,Coffe…etc..and they are playing with farmers are getting bangkrupt….So they will have the reason to say somthing and raise the price…

  22. adwdragon says:

    how do they taste …really?

  23. ZeroFossilFuel says:

    I know that narrator’s voice. Is it Paul James?

  24. insAneTunA says:

    then why on earth are people talking about a food crisis?

    I find this rather amazing. So I guess you can understand that I don’t know what else to say about it. 5*

  25. niffer58 says:

    would love to know the details of what he puts in the compost tea. i am going to grow a garden next year for my family of 7. i can’t wait. got some seeds from a good organic farmer and i just can’t wait to start my garden next year.

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