How to Build Raised Garden Beds

February 23, 2011 by Mario  
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It’s easy to build raised beds. Eric shows you how with these simple raised bed plans. Great for vegetables, Eric has 6 of these raised beds. Visit our community site for more info

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25 Responses to “How to Build Raised Garden Beds”
  1. CzarThePlezer says:

    that woman’s comments are Really weird.

  2. SAMMMCAMMM says:

    Great video.

  3. FeralFlapjack says:

    Most how-to videos are monotone and humorless, you and your wife and dogs are awesome to watch, thank you <3

  4. erochow says:

    @saviour29 good point, thanks for the suggestion. eric.

  5. saviour29 says:

    for you not to experience bounced screw, make a hole first by using a nail and a hammer. its a nice video, though… :-)

  6. erochow says:

    @LSUTigerMom thx! i used horse manure mixed with soil for my raised beds, and now i add chopped up leaves every fall with more manure, and an organic time release fertilizer. i’m not sure about pure manure for a garden bed, you need a mix of nutrients.

  7. LSUTigerMom says:

    Love your video. Would it be OK for me to fill them with just composted horse manure?
    What are your dogs names? They’re so pretty! Great camera-girl, too!

  8. MSUMasterGardener13 says:

    If you don’t use the brackets in the corners, then don’t forget to coat the corner blocks in oil as well. They will rot first and your bed will literally fall apart at the seems. Also, a single row of cinder blocks is an idea. No mortar, just jam them close together, then you get the added benefit of planting things like garlic or marigolds, etc. in the cells of the blocks around your bed to help deter insects. Don’t think it would help with the bear though. LOL :)
    PS. Good looking beds!

  9. uhytiful says:

    Time to stop celebration try Naughty women

  10. PaulUmbarger says:

    Great video! I loved it! i don’t know who the woman in the background is but, she’s great! She really made it entertaining and tied it all together!

  11. vicki55100 says:

    Thanks for this video, it’s great. I’ll try building one or two with my husband… hopefully we can get the screws in. Love your labs.

  12. venipunc83 says:

    great video. Thanks for this information.

  13. TheGardenMasterShow says:

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  14. ryn1sa says:

    Great tutorial. Your “Lab” assistants (pun intended) made all the difference!

  15. JimminyPricket says:

    Great vid, guys. Funny and informative. 5 stars.

  16. deepsouthlouisiana says:

    great job on the beds looks like yall work harden just throwing frisbe for your dog lol you pets is so cute

  17. zem36 says:

    thank you for the advise on how to make it the most helpful tip was the wire mesh because i have a ton off golfers in my lawn

  18. RunThemAll says:

    Do vegetables grow well in only 12 inches of soil?

  19. Flapjackhayden says:

    “its a perfect gift for your tool friend” haha
    funny.. humor

  20. PeowPeowPeowLasers says:

    “because I forgot”


  21. thesimulacre says:

    Very informative and hilarious! Thank you.

  22. maddyquinn says:

    I love the camera lady! She asks great questions and she’s super funny.

  23. btechint says:

    Blend linseed oil and carbon dust together for very long term wood protection.

  24. pepperjoe12 says:

    Nice video. Check out my Gardening videos on YouTube.

  25. erochow says:

    thanks for watching, more labrador photos on our site.

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