How to Brew Compost Tea

September 5, 2010 by Mario  
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Go to for more information. This is a short video of John Evans showing you step by step instruction on how to brew rich Organic Bountea Compost Tea.

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25 Responses to “How to Brew Compost Tea”
  1. jokerbookshop says:


    but then you wont get the “volcano ash” lol.

  2. wheelori814 says:

    @reduchene cuz they are greedy ass MoFo’s just like oprah, and the rest of them!

  3. uptbossboss says:

    Just brew it inside of the pantihose… then you dont have to filter it.
    Kinda weird how its called tea and he doesn’t make a TEA BAG.

  4. TripleEyedGemini says:

    this looks really messy. I made some tea and used a cheese cloth today, worked really good i added a big lump of comopost and some worm castings, also added 1 teaspoon of Floralious Plus and 2 Tablespoons of Molasses. should be some good shit

  5. ScopedOUT2 says:

    @marshallhenderson81 Are you using any kind of root stimulant as well or just 100% compost?

  6. greenthumbmarc says:

    Hey simplehouse or anyone do ya’ think you can check out my garden and give my tips on how to maintain it? I really don’t know how much water I should give it. If you want ya’ can check out my garden on my channel.

  7. NaomiChambers says:


    I agree. This stuff is easy to make

  8. marshallhenderson81 says:

    THIS IS FAIL. buy a fish tank air pump fill a 2$ home depot bucket w. water. a sock w. ANY kind of compost. leave air pump in water over night. use it! MIGHT cost you 25 bux TOTAL not the 115$ this crazy wants! Message me if you have questions on how to make system I have 5 of them I made they work wonders on my veggies :)

  9. RichMenAreEvil says:

    @RichMenAreEvil — vegetables, I mean, haha

  10. RichMenAreEvil says:

    I will CERTAINLY agree that lava ash and rich compost tea are MAJOR keys to growing very large vegetables… Most people I know only go as far as regular potting soil, with plain water and maybe a store-bought fertilizer. But I come from the Mount Shasta area of northern California, where there is TONS of lava ash. People there who use rich compost tea grow GIANT gegetables, with NO Alaskan midnight sun. So this man is right.

  11. fatturdburger says:

    I think that grey powder is just clay it is full of minerals, & the dark stuff possibly leaf mulch.

  12. insAneTunA says:

    Who’s gandalf ?

  13. jackburton2009 says:

    Dude, that’s Gandalf!

  14. CarlLewenski says:

    Well, the way I see it is you have to do yardwork anyway. Instead of piling your leaves and grass clippings into a bag or under a tree, put them in a compost bin. You’ll have rich soil in less than a month and you get to keep your money in your pocket.

  15. mattmaes says:

    Although there is certainly more to growing giant veggies than simply applying this tea, you can’t argue with the results… he’s not trying to scam you. For the average user like myself, this increases my overall yield and makes the plants more resistant to disease and pests, which in turn cuts down on time and money spent controlling those problems.

  16. tigerone1970 says:

    ” What effect would it have on a cannabis/hemp plant?? o.O ”

    Aside from compost (and fertilizer) tea, you should also look into companion planting (onions, garlic, high nectar flowers and herbs) for pest control.

  17. insAneTunA says:


    Or somebody else, why do they always have to save the world from bad things?

  18. Praxxus55712 says:

    I just toss a heaping handful of compost in a bucket, add water, let it set overnight and use it. It works perfectly and is 100% free.

  19. CarlLewenski says:

    You don’t get giant veggies from just adding nutrients. You need to also buy ‘performance’ seeds that came from last years biggest healthiest crop, whose seeds came from the previous years biggest healthiest crop, and so on. For the normal gardener, everyone has a tree and grass in their yard. This system isn’t going to help your garden anymore than your own compost pile.

  20. DominikTheProducer says:

    WONDERFUL information John. Thanks for sharing it with everybody!

  21. authorworld says:

    How often do you apply it?

  22. iblowdanks says:

    i love how much shit this guy has on hand like 27 buckets

  23. sk8forlife90 says:

    marijuana loves compost tea

  24. lordblazerpsx says:

    i’m not spending 129 bucks on something i can make under 30 bucks!

  25. silversobe says:

    What effect would it have on a cannabis/hemp plant? o.O

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