Home Made Bug Spray – Home Vegetable Garden

February 17, 2011 by Mario  
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Vegetable Garden Home made bug spray using Ivory soap and hot peppers. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at www.thebayougardener.com

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25 Responses to “Home Made Bug Spray – Home Vegetable Garden”
  1. webcajun says:

    @rayvt1 … check out the web site, I have a garden calendar for Zone 8 which is a good planting guide……Donald

  2. rayvt1 says:

    Donald, the main concentration for crops will be:
    corn, potatoes, peas, beans, cabbages,onions, pepper (s), cucumbers, many types of melons, eggplant, carrots.
    Berries: Blueberry, strawberries, blackberries
    Flowers: Many Roses of every color and kind
    And needless to say, using your good advice..Ray

  3. webcajun says:

    @rayvt1 …Hey Ray and Linda, what will you be planting?……..Donald

  4. rayvt1 says:

    Donald, Here in Texas, the weatherman says tomorrow, we are to get yet another snow storm…. I think when I moved here nf rom Nevada 6 months ago, I may have made another geographical error. HOWEVER the rest of the week and weekend are to be back up into 60s. Maybe I will be able to get my started seeds into the ground.This year we will begin with about an acre planted and see what success we have. Using your videos as our reference library.
    Ray and Linda Van Tassell,

  5. webcajun says:

    @rayvt1 … Wish I could loose about 150 lbs. myself. Rain started about 11 AM with some snow, ice and really cold temps for the rest of the week. I’ll be crying for rain in the summer but for now I’ve got enough……Donald

  6. rayvt1 says:

    LOL Donald two years ago, I was 325 pounds, now 205 and have another 25 pounds to go. Why is t anything which taste good, is bad for you?,,,This years garden lost of tomatoe plants so I can do up lots of Chow Chow, and corn relish….WE have today had rain, snow, hail, and sleet. That puts some damping on gardening; as garden area is a float. By the way a good weed and grass killer for drive ways is box of salt, 1/4 bottle dawn soap and bucket of water, shake and spray..kills everything.

  7. webcajun says:

    @rayvt1 … It’s like two different worlds. Nice to have friendly neighbors that help each other. Watch out eating all the good food, you may gain some weight. LOL…….Donald

  8. rayvt1 says:

    Donald, we moved here 6 months ago, and we have found everyone over here super friendly. I built a 16×24 woodworking shop for my wife, and every day my neighbors were there to help. When we needed something (tool) as mine were still in boxes somewhere, they would loan me theirs, bring us new food to try (sweet potato pie, hush puppies, etc) Now I am helping one of them build their 36×16 shop) In Nevada I could be laying outside dieing and they would set over me. Love it here

  9. webcajun says:

    @rayvt1 … neighbors today aren’t like the neighbors I grew up around. Everyone knew each other and helped each other out, it’s not like that anymore. Some call it progress. LOL……..Donald

  10. rayvt1 says:

    When I had my garden in NV, the deer were a major problem, so I took a cheap security light and hooked up a boombox in garden area. At night when deer visited, they tripped the light and the boombox came on, scared the deer away. Worked till the only neighbors called police and reported it was waving them as well. Why did not they speak to me…..Puzzled..great neighbors….NOT

  11. mrflyfishingak says:

    @pafl2009 about your comment regarding deer rabits and groundhogs
    well one thing i know this will keep deer away because of the soap for some reason deer ain’t like soap i have a major deer problem around me i tryed fences triplines and a lot of other stuff but nothing works better thhan soap

  12. condeeable says:

    see your beautiful girl here naneedj.info

  13. webcajun says:

    @Buzzlady1955 … wish it were that easy for bugs. lol……….Donald

  14. Buzzlady1955 says:

    I was able to keep critter’s from eating on my crope by putting hair clipping’s on them
    I went to a Barber shop and got them
    it worked like a charm

  15. webcajun says:

    @pafl2009 … the hot peppers may help, just how much I really don’t know……..Donald

  16. pafl2009 says:

    Donald, what are your thoughts on using this mixture to keep critters (deer, rabbits, groundhogs, etc) out of the garden.

  17. webcajun says:

    @barnett1129 … glad you enjoy and you’re welcome……….Donald

  18. barnett1129 says:

    Hello ,I just found your page,Love it…Thanks…

  19. webcajun says:

    @Allen2045 … you learn from your mistakes and that’s certainly one of em. lol…….Donald

  20. Allen2045 says:

    My brother made stuffed hot peppers and forgot to wash his hands before he visited the restroom. Never again.

  21. webcajun says:

    @eldrama2 … your eyes………Donald

  22. eldrama2 says:

    “certain body parts?” Like what?

  23. StatenIslandSlim says:

    @vanitysadeparis Justin Wilson

  24. vanitysadeparis says:

    @webcajun LOL. Well, I can listen to you speak all day, sweetie! ;)

  25. webcajun says:

    @vanitysadeparis … what accent? LOL ……..Donald

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