Hearst Castle

February 26, 2011 by Mario  
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California travel expert Veronica Hill of www.CaliforniaTravelExpert.com explores the magnificent Hearst Castle in San Simeon in this episode of “California Travel Tips.” Perched on a hilltop 1600 feet above the crashing waves of the Pacific, Hearst’s magnificent Castle is located halfway between LA and San Francisco near the town of Cambria. June 2008 marked 50 years since the castle opened to the public. Today, it draws more than 1 million visitors a year. Start your Hearst Castle Tour at the Visitors Center, located right off Highway 1. The Experience Tour is one of five offered at the castle, and is recommended for first time visitors. Tickets sell out quickly, so advanced reservations are strongly recommended. Tours average about 2 hours. Hopping aboard the tour bus, we begin our steep and winding ascent to the castle, listing to old time music while passing roaming herds of cattle. It’s easy to imagine how invited guests felt arriving at the ranch for a weeklong stay of lavish parties, good food and fine living. William Hearst built three separate guest houses for his famous visitors, who included Hollywood glitterati, political leaders and other notables like Howard Hughes. Passing through the main gate, we looked down in awe at the sparkling Pacific ocean, Santa Lucia mountains and rolling green hills that inspired Hearst to build here in 1919. The Neptune Pool, with its impressive Greco-Roman colonaddes, Vermont marble statues, remnants from Roman temples and

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25 Responses to “Hearst Castle”
  1. nintendo436 says:

    I watched it for a school project lol

  2. drproffesorpatrick says:


  3. theamazingempiricist says:

    Their lives WERE Monopoly

  4. catloverz2 says:

    Me & my family visited the Hearst Castle when we were in San Luis Obispo at Circle Bar B Ranch.
    It was amazing! I certainly remember the dining room, and Neptune’s pool, and the Roman pool!

  5. 69villevalo says:

    i wana go again ive only been there once :P

  6. MsReefgirl says:

    what a beautiful place. i cant wait to see it! oh and subscribe and check out my channel!

  7. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @GMOddxballer Cool! Have a great time!

  8. GMOddxballer says:

    I’ve been there once before, but I’m going in 2 more days for my second time.

  9. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @davenachfan Good idea, but that is copyrighted material. We can only use royalty-free stuff.

  10. HorribleVidAtHome101 says:

    I Love it over there, i visited , once

  11. davenachfan says:

    Something that would enhance a future video clip would be to use Al Stewart’s song ‘Marion the Chatelaine’ which is about Marion Davies.

  12. Albert18264 says:

    Crikey this chap Hearst had a serious roll was folding big time must have cost him a fortune . Seems owning a newspaper pays pretty well .

  13. HotRadioDJ says:

    would LOVE to take a dip in the Neptune pool

  14. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @xXHelloKittyAnimexX I agree. I’d love to go for their Christmas in the Castle program.

  15. xXHelloKittyAnimexX says:

    Hearst Castle is AMAZING! I love it! It’s beautiful.

  16. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @NarisTorquere Oh, ya!

  17. NarisTorquere says:

    sweetest crib in cali

  18. torstvillinger says:

    Sir(s): Thank you. Merci. Have a Nice Day. –J. D.

  19. mariessaify says:


  20. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @IngloriusBastard11 I agree. It’s an amazing place!

  21. IngloriusBastard11 says:

    I have been there and I will tell you this it is one of the most impressive sights I have seen. If you are into architecture it is incredible and hard to believe that this much wealth could be accumulated while people were starving in the streets of America.

  22. wimmy74 says:

    I was there in 1995. It was my first time in california and i will never forget.

  23. simonmaersk says:

    I have been there. Its amazing.

  24. CaliforniaTravelTips says:

    @dying2comment I’ve never been to Winchester but would love to go!

  25. dying2comment says:

    this one of my top 2 fav castles/mansions
    1. is hearst
    2. is winchester

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