Growing Vegetables Late into the Season

July 16, 2010 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening

Dave shares his experiences with low tunnels — easy-to-make greenhouse-like structures that allow you to grow vegetables late into the fall and start them earlier on in the spring.

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3 Responses to “Growing Vegetables Late into the Season”
  1. cwaj says:

    PVC works just fine…It is way cheaper too.
    Great video! Learned something new.

  2. bristondavidge says:

    you can’t afford not to use 6mil plastic for this, that way you can use for a few weeks to come. also for those using PVC i’ve heard that it breaks down the plastic so you should put tape over the pvc.

    happy growing!

  3. ccm800 says:

    yeah but there is something o be said for letting the ground fallow and rest

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