Growing Strawberries, Incredible Edibles 3

September 4, 2010 by Mario  
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Growing Strawberries The Third of a series of growing videos, developed by Agri Aware, to help children and adults learn how to grow fruit and vegetables at home. Originally these videos were released with a growing pack for schools in Ireland, as part of a growing competition but are just useful for you at home. Enjoy For more info visit: Video by:

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17 Responses to “Growing Strawberries, Incredible Edibles 3”
  1. dislexickid says:

    why was it in the frige?

  2. jerrydff7 says:

    good video you sold have make the vidoe for seed

  3. yoItsTDawg says:


  4. hablerz says:

    Thats an evil looking strawberry.

  5. moss1transcendant says:

    isnt food just wonderful

  6. juststl says:

    strawberry not strawbry

  7. ollythrughost says:

    thanx so much,i have lots of straberries. i bought my first strawberry plant last year and i got a pathetic crop so i didnt bother picking it.but this year i have got loads of plants just of the one i bought. i split about 4 or 5 new plants off the main one last a few weeks ago and they have just finished flowering and should fruit in a couple weeks i hope.and one other thing. the growing diary you mentioned is new to me but now that you mentioned it i will giv it a ago.once again thanks!

  8. thrasher1100 says:

    take the strawberry plant out of the fridge hahaha

  9. slverfish says:

    Good stuff…the cartoon was …odd

  10. spyknife says:

    5-6 months

  11. bilstew says:

    Good instructions for growing but I think it could have been said that a small amount of liquid feed could have been added to the water whilst watering.

  12. Shetasen says:

    You can get a strawberry plant at your local hardware/ greenhouse/gardeners seller. Strawberry plants are easy to get. If you know any friends that have strawberries as them for a runner since they start producing runners (clones) around this time of year.

  13. Shetasen says:

    out in the garden (NY) if you have good compost and good morning sun and light day sun, you’ll get flowering after 2-3 weeks, pollinate by hand or put it outside for the bees. Strawberries need lots of ventalation, after that after a few more weeks you should have a few strawberries. so a total about a month’s worth.

  14. jan4tube says:

    Great video! How long does it take from planting until the plan fruits?

  15. wongricky2398 says:

    help me please how do I get strawberry plant?

  16. JoeCleere says:

    Hi Chunli4me

    We certainly will and thanks so much for checking it out! Have tried to grow them yet? If so I hope your growing project goes fantastically!

  17. chunli4me says:

    nice! please keep the vids coming

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