Gary Shaw & John Stockwell: JFK Assassination Conspiracy (Part 6)

February 20, 2011 by Mario  
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September 1989 – Watch the full program: Gary Shaw: John Stockwell: * James W. Douglass’ JFK and the Unspeakable (2008) presents evidence that JFK was assassinated by elements within the US Government opposed to his attempts to end the Cold War through back channel negotiations with Khrushchev and Castro. ISBN 1570757550. * The Gemstone File: A Memoir (2006), by Stephanie Caruana, posits that Oswald was part of a 28-man assassination team which included three US Mafia hitmen (Jimmy Fratianno, John Roselli, and Eugene Brading). Oswald’s role was to shoot John Connally. Bruce Roberts, author of the Gemstone File papers, claimed that the JFK assassination scenario was modeled after a supposed attempted assassination of President FD Roosevelt. Roosevelt was riding in an open car with Mayor Anton Cermak of Chicago. Cermak was shot and killed by Giuseppe Zangara. In Dallas, JFK was the real target, and Connally was a secondary target. The JFK assassination is only a small part of the Gemstone File’s account. ISBN 1-4120-6137-7. * David Wrone’s The Zapruder Film (2003) concludes that the shot that killed JFK came from in front of the limousine, and that JFK’s throat and back wounds were caused by an in-and-through shot originating from the grassy knoll. Three shots were fired from three different angles, none of them from Lee Harvey Oswald’s window at the Texas School Book Depository. Wrone

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25 Responses to “Gary Shaw & John Stockwell: JFK Assassination Conspiracy (Part 6)”
  1. Lurking99 says:

    Where’s part 7??

  2. cdddraftsman says:

    @cdddraftsman as when the ‘Teflon Don’? met his match at a much later date .

  3. cdddraftsman says:

    @TrueNovice You have to realise that the Mafia was a very sophisticated organization with buffers, dopplegangers, hoaxs and deceptions finely crafted into an art-form. With an almost unlimited amount of money to spend to counter law enforcement techniques that were no way as advanced as they were in the early 60′s when the ‘Teflon Don’ met his match ….

  4. cdddraftsman says:

    @TrueNovice So what you’re saying is that Ralph de Toledano, this Nations most authoratative Mafia expert while alive, called before Senate Investigations as a expert witness on all things Mafia, should “Get of the sauce man. Please” ? Hoffa was a guilty mafia controlled labor leader, everyone knew it but unfortunately RFK contrived the case against him because he couldn’t prove anything, Hoffa was much too smart for an amatuer like RFK.

  5. cdddraftsman says:

    @TrueNovice “Joe Sr. wanted to stay out of WWII” NOT ! GO FIGURE : He stayed out of WW1 & the Allied Powers won . How does a “letter to his old man protesting his? opposition to Lend Lease to the Brits” help out the case that the Kennedy family were appeasing the Nazi’s? Thats bizarre . If they weren’t appeasing the letter would of supported lend/lease right? Am I wrong?

  6. TrueNovice says:

    @cdddraftsman Labor leaders Walter and Victor Reuther of the United Auto Workers were “mobsters” allowed to commit mysterious “crimes ” while Jimmy Hoffa was an innocent man persecuted by Robert Kennedy. Get of the sauce man. Please.

  7. TrueNovice says:

    @cdddraftsman Yes I have heard the stories Whether true or not, someone is spreading them . Maybe that’s why the SS agents allowed the security collapse in Dallas. They saw a side to JFK, that public did not know.

  8. TrueNovice says:

    @cdddraftsman Joe Kennedy wanted to stay out of WWII, since he thought would lose. Anyway JFK did not back up his old man Joe, they have letter to his old man protesting his opposition to Lend Lease to the Brits.

  9. cdddraftsman says:

    @datzfast “woldnt you lke to know”
    I liked Ike too …. The only problem he had is when he had his heart attack while in office …. ppl asked “is he dead” ? Others replied “how would they know?” Slow enough fer ya ? “well you been the last? 5 months jail” Try : Where have you been …. Warning ! : iMpRoPeR eNgLiSh will no longer receive my attention ….

  10. datzfast says:

    @cdddraftsman the feds raid your still again. woldnt you lke to know. lol

  11. cdddraftsman says:

    @datzfast “yep” Thats all I need to know that a JFK Tree-Hugging Do-Gooder Hillbilly is posting . WTF’s your problem ? The Feds raid your still again ? Just curious .
    Tasty Extra JFK Tidbit : Was JFK fair-minded about his religious belief’s when he had Diem Assassinated, attempting to thwart a ‘Roman Catholic Inquisition’ of the Budhhist Vietnamese monks?

  12. cdddraftsman says:

    @TrueNovice “maybe JFK was paranoid as well. Can’t imaging Y that would be.”imaging” or imagine ? With the SS turned into his own personal whore delivery service , WTF would JFK have to be “paranoid” about ? Oooops ! Jackie coming back to the WH and not getting the naked pool parties cleared out in time …. forgot about that one …. sorry .

  13. cdddraftsman says:

    @TrueNovice “rt wing political groups claiming tax exemption, like they were a church” Lets face it JFK just didn’t believe that groups who patriotically donated their time by supporting Uncle Sam in it’s fight against worldwide Communism should get a tax break …. You didn’t forget that the Kennedy family had a history of being soft on Nazism long on appeasement did you ? It’s befitting that JFK’s last image was The Umbrella Man eh ?

  14. cdddraftsman says:

    @TrueNovice “JFK targeted the Ku Klux Klan, that must have REALLY pissed you off”
    JE Hoover did that before JFK’s time in office …. which is surprising because Jgar knew the last decent days work we ever got out of chocolate faced ppl was the day before emancipation …. ever since then they’ve been milking welfare . You’re not chocolate faced are you ?

  15. cdddraftsman says:

    @TrueNovice JFK’s “anti-racketeering” crusade? A political protection racket for JFK : Mobsters who were (R)’s, who contributed and backed Nixon for President , Hoffa and Beck, etc. were hounded into prison on trumped up charges , while mobsters who were (D)’s, contributed and backed the Kennedy campaign for President, Walter/Victor Reuther were allowed to commit crimes with impunity …. (On the Hoffa frame-up Google : Ralph de Toledano)

  16. TrueNovice says:

    @cdddraftsman All these right wing political groups claiming tax exemption, like they were a church , it seems a bit fishy to me too. But maybe JFK was paranoid as well. Can’t imaging why that would be. And don’t forget CD man, JFK targeted the Ku Klux Klan, that must have REALLY pissed you off.

  17. datzfast says:

    @sturmanskie yep one day the GOP says they wont buy a shit sandwich and the next day the GOP buys the same shit sandwich with cheese. thats all the proof i need.

  18. cdddraftsman says:

    1) JFK used the FBI to his personal advantage and to silence press critics. In early 1961 JFK planted family friend Carmine Bellino in the IRS with the title “special consultant to the president “and demanded that he have access to tax returns. They turned the IRS into a lending library. Quoting from the Wall Street Journal of January 28, 1997: “the Kennedys were far worse than Nixon in their manipulation of the IRS…The documents show that JFK targeted non-exempt activist groups..(see below)

  19. cdddraftsman says:

    2) And the auditing was done at the behest of politicians, not the professionals at IRS…On December 20, 1961, Rogovin forwarded to Dean J. Barron, the IRS audit director , a list of 18 organizations to investigate.” Scores were targeted later including: Daughters of the American Revolution, Americans Veterans Committee, Conservative Society of America, Americans for Constitutional Govn., All-Amer. Soc….

    Watch out for JFK Do-Gooders “Because the Road to Hell is paved w/Good Intentions”

  20. cdddraftsman says:

    In summary, E.O. 11,110 did not create new authority to issue additional silver certificates. In fact, its intention was to ease the process for their removal so that small denomination Federal Reserve Notes could replace them in accordance with a law Kennedy himself signed.

    If Kennedy had really sought to reduce Federal Reserve power, then why did he sign a bill that gave the Fed still more power?

    Another silly unthought-out conspiracy construct !

  21. pjt03 says:

    This is the good stuff

  22. themeaningoflife38 says:

    do a google image search on “Brigade 2506 Dealey Plaza”

  23. starmanskye says:

    I disagree: WHAT policies that REALLY matter is Obama diverging from those followed by the Bush regime & pandering to the military industrial/intel complex, corporations & Wall Street? Obama is a bought-and-paid-for puppet. GOP is feigning ‘opposition’ just to pass-off voter disgust & outrage, to blame Oboma for unpopular bail-outs, ongoing disasterous GWOT, sluggish recovery, corporate health care, crippling unemployment, huge deficits, industry’s carbon tax, rampant corruption. WHAT ‘change’?

  24. starmanskye says:

    Stockwell omits the Federal Reserve angle of interests opposed to Kennedy — he had reinstituted direct Treasury control of US Currency, authorizing the printing of Dept. of Treasury dollars, circumventing the Fed’s lucrative monopoly on fractional reserve money-creation & interest scheme franchise. (w/ intimate IRS connection). Also, seeing the enormous criminal abuses & rogue power exercised by CIA, Kennedy had threatened to cut it into 1000 pieces. All these interests united against him.

  25. themeaningoflife38 says:

    same thing going on now in 2009
    the right wing shadow government is stirring the shit storm against the President

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