Gardening Preparation Tips : How to Change the PH of Potting Soil

November 7, 2010 by Mario  
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Balancing the pH of your potting soil helps create the ideal environment for your plants. Improve your garden with the help of a professional landscaping designer in this free video. Expert: Marci Degman Bio: Marci Degman has been a landscape designer and horticulture writer since 1997 Filmmaker: Tim Adams Series Description: Proper preparation of your garden leads to better results, lusher plants and more abundant produce. Learn how to lay the foundation for a great garden with this free video series presented by a landscape designer.

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One Response to “Gardening Preparation Tips : How to Change the PH of Potting Soil”
  1. alennna says:

    awesome information, thank you so much for uploading your vid!

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