Garden Update Aug 2010

January 2, 2011 by Mario  
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Come along with me to see how the farm is doing in August

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25 Responses to “Garden Update Aug 2010”
  1. markhess says:

    @the1969info I am betting you are looking at Malcolm Beck and Bob Webster videos on OrganicTexas channel (excellent channel by the way); Jason has several videos on compost tea that are fantastic! Also, check out Bob Websters spring and fall garden videos on his channel – they are very good too! – Mark

  2. the1969info says:

    Heh Mark I found a video yesterday that answers all my questions about compost tea, the one with the air bubbles and molasses. the video is compost tea 2009 bob beck There 9 of them, I enjoyed every one of them. I look forward to using it to try and have a garden as bountiful as yours.

  3. markhess says:

    @the1969info compost tea has changed definitions. I have used compost “leche,” which allows compost to soak in water a few days then uses the water. The current definition of compost tea using similar process but aerates the water and adds a food source for the microbes. I have the supplies to do this in my basement but have not done it yet. Books I recommend are Dick Raymonds “The Joy of Gardening” and any of Eliot Coleman’s books. – Mark

  4. the1969info says:

    Great looking crops, have you ever used compost tea?
    Do you use any books to know when to plant and how to take care of your crops?

  5. dianemummvideos says:

    @markhess I bet! I tried them in containers this year, seemed to work just fine. :)

  6. markhess says:

    @dianemummvideos Thanks Diane! I have sweet potatoes coming out my ears!! – Mark

  7. dianemummvideos says:

    Nice patch of sweet potatoes, that will be a bunch for you to eat.

  8. MrTerrym1964 says:

    garden looks great!..Take care.

  9. markhess says:

    @lifearoundhome but it is started to slow down; in fact, we are getting ready to put in the cool weather crops now – Mark

  10. lifearoundhome says:

    Even in August, the garden looks plentiful

  11. markhess says:

    @SleestaksRule and great eating too! Ironically, since we have started selling the produce on the farm, we end up selling the best stuff and keeping the bruised, unattractive produce for ourselves – still taste good though

  12. markhess says:

    @cablegirl90 Thanks! I love playing in it! :)

  13. SleestaksRule says:

    Wow, great pickins.

  14. impalapez says:

    @markhess True, I had forgotten about their allelopathic-ness…maybe if you are going to replant them in the same area, or plant a cover crop on them once they’re tilled under…
    Lookin good down in GA!!

  15. markhess says:

    @ojibway3 I like the Georgia heat better in the winter! :) Thanks for the compliments Paul! – Mark

  16. markhess says:

    @impalapez I haven’t decided about tilling them in yet Brian. I know that sunflowers are allelopathic but I don’t know if it is just from the seeds or also from the plant. I will at least compost them assuming that any allelopathic properties would break down. – Mark

  17. markhess says:

    @robmelnoahzane Thanks Rob. Glad the cantaloupe worked out for you. Even though I have plenty of room and grew them on the ground this year, I may go back to the cages myself. It keeps the fruit cleaner plus makes them less susceptible to bugs – Mark

  18. webcajun says:

    @markhess … I took more out the other day leaving only enough for next year’s seed. I had so much in one freezer I could barely close it. Time to move on to the fall garden………Donald

  19. cablegirl90 says:

    mark that is an awesome garden

  20. robmelnoahzane says:

    Sure looks nice Mark. It seems you and 14dollarz have a magic touch with those peppers. I will just have to keep trying. I ate one of my canteloupes this morning and thought of you. I grew them vertically after seeing yours. It was probably two and a half pounds and absolutely delicious. Thanks for posting the video, and I hope all is well with you and yours.


  21. impalapez says:

    do you till under the sunflowers as well for green manure? They produce an awful lot of plant material that would add a good amount of bulk to the compost heap too…

  22. ojibway3 says:

    Nice job mark. Glad to see your garden did so well.
    Really, really, nice job.
    Love that Georgia heat.

  23. markhess says:

    @TheUrbanOutdoors ahhh, I’m blushing!! :) Thanks! Mark

  24. markhess says:

    @DoctorsWife56 the first batch of corn I planted Donna was “How Sweet It Is;” This corn was fantastic, holding its sweet days even several days past harvest. So, “Trucker’s Favorite” was already starting off in the hole; We will probably use it for soups like you too but next year I think I will try “How Sweet It Is” again or another super sweet corn. – Mark

  25. markhess says:

    @loveofvegetables Oh yes! Especially since this is the first year planting at the farm. We had leaf footed bugs and squash bugs doing the most damage. However, I resisted using any poisons (even organic ones) and sure enough I now have a ton (actually about 10) toads move in making a real impact on the bugs. It will take a few years for mother nature to get in complete balance like my home garden so I may have to put up with a little more damage – let’s hope not though

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