Garden Girl TV: Indoor Garden Five

February 24, 2011 by Mario  
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More indoor gardening from Patti the Garden Girl. Feel free to post or embed me.

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20 Responses to “Garden Girl TV: Indoor Garden Five”
  1. young92782 says:

    Putting a small air pump and air stone into yur water supply will accelerate the evaporation process.

  2. xteasty says:

    @iscavengersam you mean from residual pesticides? not really enough to be a factor since most tap/irrigation water has some. in other words, it’s not really an ‘organic’ issue so much as a keep-plants-happy issue.

    the water has fluoride, which doesn’t really come out, but also chlorine, which does gas out after a couple days. incidentally, you can do this if you want to drink tap water without that chlorine off taste.

  3. Shutkaroo says:

    i want to plant my seed in you, gardengirl?

  4. iscavengersam says:

    Hey Garden Girl, how long does that tap water have to sit before it’s okay to use for the organic plant watering?

  5. jihadacadien says:

    Cuting the root may also stimulate the seedling to grow a denser root system instead of having less long root.

  6. diemyr says:

    it forces the plants to make more smaller roots that require less “food & water” without harming the plant; its common practice in bonzai culture.

  7. timw421 says:

    Why do you cut the tips of the Roots? I though we shouldnt molest the roots at all?!

  8. GoddessSkyeBlu says:

    thanks so much for the wonderful videos. I think I’m going to start another indoor garden with more than just herbs:-)

  9. keldowg says:

    why wouldn’t you just plant the seeds directly in there own little pots? Thanks:)

  10. wasearcher says:

    Those little roots are easily damaged during transplanting, so trimming them helps the plant to grow new roots and settle into the new pot.

  11. FancyPantsElitist says:

    I don’t know where she got that idea. That makes no sense to me either.

  12. katiatomsk says:

    Why did she cut the roots? I have never heard of that.

  13. justfine4 says:

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  14. Lumpia911 says:

    pretty dang cool, i think you’ve inspired me… oh wait i’ve been growing my own garden too. good stuff

  15. kwal57 says:

    why do you trim the roots?

  16. wgseagal says:

    gets addictive isnt it after you plant alot you cant stop you want more before you know some day you will have a warehouse the size of walmart filled with wonderful veggies.

  17. wgseagal says:

    7 days there huge there nice and thick too not thin like when i grow lettuce it gets so thin and tall for some reason

  18. ElveeKaye says:

    It figures that the cat is in the middle of it all. ^_^

  19. s13sr20det says:

    i agree

  20. beivy19 says:

    i love your show. keep up the good work! i learn a lot from your episodes.

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