Flower Gardens : How to Grow Sage (Salvia)

February 1, 2011 by Mario  
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Sage, or salvia, is a plant that is found all over the planet because of it’s ability to grow in a sunny spot with good drainage. Find out what part of the year produces violet flowers on sage plants withinformation from a sustainable gardener in this free video on flower gardening and plant care. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: www.vanveenbulbs.com Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

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18 Responses to “Flower Gardens : How to Grow Sage (Salvia)”

    @gangeskauhnn this is not the type that gets you high. if that is your question

  2. gangeskauhnn says:

    thats not my question..Can you smoke it?

  3. haloKINGSstudios says:

    so humming birds are stoners too… Sweeeeet! ^_^

  4. miticopetpox says:

    @iownyoubigtime thats salvia? divinorium, not sage

  5. miticopetpox says:

    @XavengedguitarmanX nahh, your thinking of Salvia? Divinorium

  6. iownyoubigtime says:

    @XavengedguitarmanX I was wondering that myself. is sage exactly the same as psychedellic salvia?

  7. zach5109 says:

    dude fuck you there nothing wrong with be n a stoner

  8. brieandtea says:

    @2LoveYa2 indeed. :)

  9. XavengedguitarmanX says:

    is this the same sycadelic salvia?

  10. kylerich2010ARMY says:

    oh my god, these dumb ass stoners on here. theres salvia sage, and salvia divinorium. sage does not take you to space, only salvia divinorium does

  11. legostpaction says:

    Diviner’s Sage is, every other type of sage wont get you high :(

  12. music4life2116 says:

    i grew like sage but im not sure if its salvia its confusing me cause it doesnt have the purple sutff but it wasnt planted long.. and ti sorta looks like it could u show me a video or somthing? or ill show u it and u can tell me?

  13. 2LoveYa2 says:

    is the type of sage that is burned by, say, Indians, for spirit cleansing? thanks, love yer video!

  14. ThePositiveDay says:

    bundle them up n dry it and burn it as incense, some people believe it cleanses a room of bad energy. and if you research sage its great for everything, like soar throats and things like that.

  15. FuCkDaRuLeSincTM says:

    doesnt matter you can smoke it and get high still its awesome

  16. andresico2 says:

    fuckin wish, but this is a different kind of salvia

  17. CPfreak11 says:

    smoke them and get high as a mother fucker

  18. andresico2 says:

    What can you do with sage flowers?

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