Flower Gardening Tips : How to Grow Lemon Balm

January 8, 2011 by Mario  
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Lemon balm is a gorgeous, easy-to-grow plant that belongs to the mint family of plants and is classified as an herb. Start lemon balm plants in the spring by seed or root division withinstructions from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening and plant care. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: www.vanveenbulbs.com Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

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3 Responses to “Flower Gardening Tips : How to Grow Lemon Balm”
  1. pateldujo says:

    Excellant. Thank you.

  2. sunclov says:

    Yeah, it takes a while for it to sprout, but the SCENT is gorgeous.

  3. sparticusfinch says:

    cool! im growing some in my dorm room right now from seed, and it’s still a tiny plant but I cant wait until it matures.

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