First Lady Breaks Ground for White House Garden

September 29, 2010 by Mario  
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Twenty-six elementary schoolchildren wielded shovels, rakes, pitchforks and wheelbarrows to help first lady Michelle Obama break ground on a produce and herb garden on the White House grounds. (March 20)

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20 Responses to “First Lady Breaks Ground for White House Garden”
  1. nany0915 says:

    GeoliphicMedia: This would be great if it was for more than just showtime…..these people in our White House are Radical Islamic Muslims!!! Don’t be a lemming!

    Wake up!!!

    God Bless America!!!

  2. GeoliphicMedia says:

    wow nany0915, this type of localized agriculture is what our nations been lacking. Corn, squash and beans all native to the americas. Lets get strong local communities re-built and we have a global corporate agenda guiding our country. The whitehouse isn’t going to do it for us …

  3. Chembzzy says:

    Lol nany0915…I think the world is tired of fools like you who talk talk talk…get some wisdom or close the barrel (your mouth)…:)

  4. nany0915 says:

    agenda for first lady – how to brainwash the idiots that voted for them in by trying to connect with Americans who would like to have a person similar to them and their ideal. Its more of an indirect approach of changing freedom into Communision. You don’t really feel it happening then one day you wake up and bingo..COMMUNISION! did you hear that the great one “O” is going to place Muslim Islamics into White House positions! Wake up American – you are losing everything your FREEDOM!

  5. MaryMonks says:

    If you have different varieties of lettuce, you have lettuces.

  6. jer4703 says:

    Look kids,we found Jimmy Hoffa!!!

  7. DigitalGrotto says:

    She’s more impressive than Oprah
    except the plural of lettuce is not lettuces.

    That’s completely illiterate;
    just as bad as Dan Quayle’s ‘potatoe’.

    If you don’t believe me, well, stick it up your Funk & Wagnalls.

  8. Gina2NYC says:

    LOL True. Can’t wait til the rotten easter egg hunt on the white house lawn.

  9. CSIS25 says:

    now thats strange :S

  10. clearwater04 says:

    5 DX and there were different comments on each of them O_0

  11. CSIS25 says:

    how many times did u get it i got mine 3 times

  12. maiomika says:

    and by the way, i beleave in them. i know you have all been through alot, and it’s good to speak up, but a little room to try is needed if you want to get anything done. and i have heard too much harmful words said. if this were still the bush age, people would still be too worried to say anything. now were moving from there to a new age, but it all takes a little time. like growing a garden. sometimes you dont know what will work until it’s tried too. please think about things befrore swearing

  13. maiomika says:

    it’s wonderfull that they are taking the time to talk to people. i am not sure what you all are expecting of beings who just got into the white house less then a few months ago. it is good to expect them to do the best of there jobs and help the people with integrity and respect for all. but give them a chance to show there best stuff without damming them and acting like an angry mob with pitchforks. i am speaking as someone who is poor in money, but even i know you must give people a chance.

  14. clearwater04 says:

    dammit stop sending me the same vid

  15. shaundraivy says:

    I’m so glad they’re taking Alice Water’s advice!!! We all need to be involved in what goes on our plates and tables!! I think this is fabulous!

  16. JoceyG says:

    Ask her when is Martial Law going to happen. And Is this talk about the “Amero” true.

  17. mike29571 says:

    This is a hint.

  18. FahhhhhQ says:

    If they don’t grow corn, what are the chickens gonna eat?

  19. lordgaladedrid says:

    yes kids, your going to have to learn how to garden cause the government is going to screw things so badly inflation is going to skyrocket and your parents won’t be able to afford groceries.

  20. TheForgottenPanzer says:

    fukken bitch don’t know anything to do instead of talking to kids…

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