day 39 GREEm S’moosthie Revolution Bave and composting

February 7, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Organic Gardening

Dave joins Arnold MEGAN AND kyoka in sharing his s tory on organic gardening and composting bannas

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3 Responses to “day 39 GREEm S’moosthie Revolution Bave and composting”
  1. misscpb says:

    What a great thing you are all doing. How is your chef getting on with going back on raw food and removing the excess weight again? Lots of Love Misscpb xxx

  2. rawvegan35 says:

    Great video Arnold.

  3. Zippypo says:

    It will be nice if you guys get some media coverage. Maybe someone watching has some connections in the Philly area to get you guys on local TV.

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