September 27, 2010 by Mario  
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THEY are coming for your FLESH and BLOOD!Now the last hope of the family rests on a sexy faithful MAID! The most brutal clay-animation you’ve ever seen! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????

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25 Responses to “CHAINSAW MAID”
  1. Byrrd51 says:

    I didn’t want this to end! Crap, I could watch this over and over. Brilliant.

  2. IzayoiMaruqyu says:


  3. enpe13 says:


  4. robbierandom says:

    AMAZING ;o

  5. XB0XFR34K says:

    well someone has a lot of free time

  6. wawa865 says:

    hE DRUNK COFFEe right after his wife threw up her fucking guts. disturbing! ¥

  7. sueisglum says:

    The scary part is how long this would take to animate.
    Awesome job! (b^_^)b

  8. boggyhouse says:

    lol this is amazing!!!!

  9. riipfader says:


  10. whipstickagost0p says:


  11. rubyGAlight says:

    ah they are zombies ok i got it

  12. which952 says:

    here’s thatt trick. click to to download this song from utube.

  13. Vivendium44 says:

    This is amazing! Wonderful work!

  14. mizzmonie100 says:

    I LOVE THIS xD so well done

  15. syyhy1 says:

    cheng long

  16. kantonsue says:

    ?????????????????! ??????!
    ???????????? ????????????!

  17. XVIIITheMoonXVIII says:

    This is like the claymation scene of the Evil Dead, but for the whole short :3

  18. jesstct says:

    oh my gosh this rocks! i lik the part that the man’s reaction after he saw the zombie woman vomitted her guts XD

  19. clannad19960108 says:


  20. poptart8264 says:

    @poptart8264 oh man I spelled block wrong x( hahahahahah I fail

  21. finbomartini says:

    @poptart8264 Cock block? Nah man, threeway gangbang with the maid and corpse – obviously
    and the daughter would have to join in i guess

  22. billytommy1 says:

    i like the style

  23. Bleenderhead says:

    Wasn’t he bitten? I was expecting him to puke out his guts.

  24. Jowav says:

    Red red red red red red red red red!
    RED Rinbow i seeing…

  25. jackedup400 says:

    Pretty good Claymation.

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