David Beasley Garden Design, Hull, East Yorkshire, Uk – SketchUp Garden Design#1

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This video shows a garden designed for a executive house in Molescroft, Beverley, East Yorkshire. For more information of the Garden Design services we can offer, please visit: davidbeasley.website.orange.co.uk

Garden Design & Care : Flower Bed Ideas

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Flower beds can exist in the yard or even in a container, but the proper drainage and high-quality composted soil is important for the best growing results. Create a flower bed in a small or large space withhelpful advice from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardens. Expert: Yolanda Vanveen Contact: www.vanveenbulbs.com Bio: Yolanda Vanveen is a third-generation flower grower and sustainable gardener who lives in Kalama, Wash. Filmmaker: Daron Stetner

A Home Garden Design Can Be A Challenge

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Gardening can be a great hobby, enjoyed informally by tending to a few plants in your yard on the weekends. Some people, however, want to create something bigger, a true garden where they try to demonstrate the green thumb that they possess. In these cases, it helps to have a plan for your home garden design so you can create something that has a little more definition that the average flowerbed. Home garden design can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, and a great home garden design can be a guide to working on a beautiful garden.

What Kind of Garden?

In order to better focus your efforts at home garden design, you should start by getting an idea of what sort of garden you want to have. Are you looking to grow fresh herbs and vegetables for your family to eat? Then your home garden design is going to be more concerned with the crops you plan to grow in your garden. Do you want something that’s beautiful to behold? Then your plans will be more concerned with planting groupings of decorative plants. Keep in mind that some home garden designs can incorporate both, beauty and usefulness.

Sketch It Out

When you are working on your home garden design, it’s best to have paper and pencil ready beforehand. Sketch out an outline of your yard and where you want to place your garden, then start filling in shapes for what you want to plant and where. This helps if you’re trying to define a garden along a particular line or to interact with other elements in your yard, such as benches or patios. By sketching out the shape of your garden beforehand, you’ll better be able to plan what to plant where.

Ask for Help

Once you have the basic idea for your home garden design, your best bet is to talk to your local gardening club, plant nursery, or even a landscaping professional to learn what sort of plants will work well for your design. Even if you already have an idea of what plants you want to choose, running your idea by someone else will allow you to get advice on other plants that will complement your design, or allow you to catch any mistakes before you start planting.

It’s like getting a second draft for a piece of writing. As long as you work with the idea of creating a beautiful home garden design, though, and you put in the work needed for it, you’re likely to end up with something that adds to the beauty of your yard and the value of your home.

Ann Marier has written articles on garden issues such as bird problems providing helpful tips and advice. Read her latest articles on garden design offering a new insight and ideas.

David Beasley Garden Design And Landscaping, Hull, East Yorkshire – Hampton Court 2010 Design

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Creating A Landscape Garden Design

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Many people enjoy gardening and caring for their lawns as a hobby, making a beautiful outdoor space with one’s own thoughts, ideas, and work is very rewarding. Making a beautiful landscape garden design can be difficult for new gardeners or for some experienced gardeners as well.

Making a landscape garden design implies grafting a plant for each walkway, garden bed, tree, rock, and blade of grass to create the perfect outdoor space. This can seem like an overwhelming or daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. There are very basic forms that can be followed to make the space seem just right without taking so much work that it isn’t fun anymore.

Themed Gardens

Most landscape garden designs are based on a theme of some sort; it could be birds, relaxation, fragrance, a favorite plant or flower, a favorite color, or just about anything else. The point of a theme is to create a pattern and point of interest with in the landscape garden design to hold the viewer’s attention.

This can be accomplished subtlety or with obvious focal point. The key is pattern and repetition. The human eye likes to see pattern and repeating patterns; this can be accomplished in landscape garden design with color, size, species, or with an external commonality such as an animal the plants will attract.

Color is an important tool for landscape garden design, using bright cheery colors can create an entirely different feel than more subdued cool colors or neutral colors. Using bright colors in combination with cools or neutrals can enhance an overall theme.

If the subject of the landscape garden design were to attract butterflies, the garden beds could reflect this by creating floral wings on each side of the garden path, filled with flowers and plants butterflies need to grow and breed. To enhance the butterfly feel even further the colors used in the floral wings could reflect the butterflies the garden is meant to attract in color as well as shape.

Most landscape garden designs allow for paths and section planting areas into beds or by other likenesses. To create a unique garden space one can create lines with plant height, plant color, plant type, and the garden paths to create an over all affect that is pleasing to the gardener and their guests.

Using the butterfly garden example, choosing the plants a particular species of butterfly prefers and working around those colors, pairing it with like colors or plant heights can create dimension or a pattern within a pattern, which will give the garden a unique effect.

Ann Marier has written articles on garden issues such as bird problems providing helpful tips and advice. Read her latest articles on garden design offering a new insight and ideas.

General Perspective Of Garden Design

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For the house owner who has a little bit of space outside the house, they may thinking about having small garden. Or even ones who have large space so they can have bigger garden either. However, wjat generally happen is garden design and arrangement, most of them normally take this job to professional. Only they have to do is to choose the design from the catalogue that designer give to them and pay when the garden finished.

However, some of them knowing what they are choosing but unfortunately, some of them don’t. Therefore, as there are many style and arrangements of garden design. It is also good to know how they different from each other and which factors you have to consider when you want to have good, attractive and beautiful garden within the budget.

Generally, it is depends on the preference and style of the house owner which type of garden that they are going to have, but apart from that, you may have to that the decision about the type of type of garden have to based on these following elements;

1. Weather/Climate

This is the most important factor to consider but normally be ignored by many of us. You have to choose garden design or type of garden base on the climate of where you are living. For example, it is really impossible to have tropical garden if you are living in the freeze zone and vise vesa. You have to choose garden types and designs that suitable with the local climate first, other wise your garden will not last long and you have to spend a lot of money on maintenance your garden.

2. Space

Space has great impact to the design of the garden. You have to consider the design that suitable with the space that you have. However, in most case, I would suggest that utilization of the space is very, depending on the purpose and preference of the house owner. Arranging space particularly for garden have to be very careful in design and function. Because 0garden needs more function than any other area. For example, it needs the waste water system, it is the place that sunlight have to reach and has proper climate for plants and tree. So you have take these factors in to account before you decide type and design of the garden.

3. Budget

This factor is also important, you can not have your desired garden without proper budget. Also, you do not have to spend much money to get good and beautiful garden if you have good budget planning. One of the big tips here is if you have very limited budget, you can hire only garden designer and once when you have he design, you can ask the designer to give you the list of plants and equipment need for the garden and you go to the shop/market then let the designer arrange it. This is very effective ways, because you can reduce the cost for the garden equipment. As you can have cheaper price if you buy them for yourself to avoid mark-up cost that usually add by the garden designer.

Garden Design

Garden Design Tips for Beginners in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Are you thinking about garden design in Scottsdale for the first time? Finding some free, novice-friendly garden design tips isnt always easy. This article will provide you with the Top 4 garden design tips for beginners in Scottsdale. Whether you’re looking to go low maintenance or use native plants that do well in the desert, the following information will be beneficial to you.
Top 4 Garden Design Tips for Beginners in Scottsdale:
1. Make sure your garden design has enough drainage. This is the most important garden design tip we’ll be addressing in this article. Gardens do not have an endless amount of soil that will absorb any amount of water you’re give your plants or flowers. Even the smallest amount of water over the limit that your plants can absorb will surely drown them, and this can be fatal to the plants you’re thinking about cultivating. Make sure your garden design incorporates the use of trenches or openings that will drain excess water in the soil away from the roots of your plants.
2. Consider the use of synthetic soil in your garden design. Many gardeners often complain about the odor emitted by the soil and how it can make the outdoor environment less enjoyable. The soil has to be kept healthy! This usually means that you must regularly apply fertilizer (compost or manure) and the smell can linger for days, if not weeks. Artificial soil provides all of the same benefits of healthy soil without the smell. Artificial soil is composed of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite, all of which provide essential nutrients for vegetation.
3. Water! We’ve already talked about the importance of proper drainage in your garden design. But how are you going to water your garden? Keep in mind that gardens are outdoors and in the desert sun. Your plants are going to require a lot of water. Garden plants in the desert are often deprived of water given the amount of evaporation they will experience and this deficiency translates into a greater demand for water. Make sure your garden design is located close to a good water source!
4. Choose the appropriate spot for each of your plants. Of all the garden design tips we have mentioned, this one should take a top priority. Your plants should have enough space, sun and water to grow. The size of your location is dependent on the plants you can choose. On average, most popular garden plants will require an 8- to 10-inch diameter.
Here’s some information about a popular desert plant that will make a great addition to your garden design in Scottsdale.
The Red Bird of Paradise, also called the Mexican Bird of Paradise or Caesalpinia Pulcherrima, is a hardy, low-maintenance perennial. They are relatively drought resistant, easy to find, cheap to buy and provide lovely color during different points of the year.
The Red Bird of Paradise is an evergreen shrub that enjoys full sun and has bright yellow flowers with orange and red centers that grow out of long, thin stalks. They leaves are fern-like and grow very quickly.
If you are still unsure about what will work in your garden design and landscaping in Scottsdale, there are plenty of online resources that can help you. For instance, many local landscaping companies have expertise in garden design and plants that thrive in the area. Hiring a professional garden design and landscaping company in Scottsdale, Arizona might just be your best bet. They can work with you to pick out the best plants that fit your taste, lifestyle and budget – and they can even help you maintain it!

celtic design project falmouth

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a design we did for my garden design course for a place in penryn near falmouth in cornwall, uk. old celtic symbol called the Triquetra

north london gardeners, garden design, garden services, north london garden maintenance, zldesigns

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North London Gardeners / Garden Design / Garden Services North London / London Garden Maintenance / Landscape Design – www.zl-designs.co.uk Garden Maintenance & Landscaping Service based in North London. We specialise in Garden Design & Maintenance in North London. We are Gardeners living in North London who can landscape your garden and give you a Friendly, fast and efficient garden service in North London. http

Enliven Your Creativity With Your Garden Designs

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Your garden can be a manifestation of your own creativity. It is no longer a place where you plant fruits and vegetables. If you would like to add a little more life and enhance the look of your garden opt for interesting garden designs.

Before you go ahead with some garden designs, you may like to keep some guidelines in mind to for better synchrony of your surroundings:

The Golden Rule

The key to innovative garden designs is a simple rule. THINK BEFORE YOU PLANT. Plan your garden in sync with the look of your house to make a cohesive unit that is in harmony with each other.

Discover The Purpose

Prior to finalizing your garden designs, you may like to consider how the garden would be used. Would you like to enhance the view of the house or would you like to entertain guests? Would little children be comfortable playing in your garden or would senior citizens love taking a walk there? Would your garden occupy private space or would it be in public view? It would really help if you finalized the main purpose of your garden, and then proceeded to design it.

Landscape Matters

Opt for garden designs that compliment the landscape and the house. It is important to remember that the house is the most important part of the landscape and the garden needs to be designed in harmony with the house and the surroundings. Then the different elements of the house and the garden can connect better to provide an interesting style to the house and the landscape.

Choose Your Garden

You have a choice of formal, a semiformal or natural garden designs. A formal garden has the plants and shrubs arranged symmetrically around two axis, which provide a cross with the pool or a gazebo at the center. These gardens are usually adorned with evergreens, hedges or walls and have a hard surface terrace. A semi-formal garden also works on the same axial plan as the formal one; however the garden designs are a little less rigid. In many instances, the hard surface terrace is replaced by grass or evergreen shrubs. Besides, you may also see flowers, vegetables or herbs spilling out of the beds.

Natural garden designs follow the intrinsic landscape. They usually meander around the surroundings and have a casual or softer look. The architectural style of the house, the budget and the personal preference of the owner may eventually decide upon the design of the garden.

Create A Theme

Most garden designs are usually creations of the owners or the gardeners mind, and you have a range of themes to choose from. Let your creativity decide the theme; just make sure that it compliments the overall landscape and the style of the house and garden.

Play With Colors

Colors play a very important role in garden designs. With practice and experimentation you will be able to understand the essence of combining colors. However, you may begin by referring to the color wheel, where colors are arranged according to their relationships with each other. Most color wheels contain 12 colors only, but you may be able to color coordinate the plants and flowers better a violet-red to red to orange-red, in the same order as they appear in the color wheel. Move Around.

Garden designs should be able to accommodate free movement. Designing walkways, pathways or driveways are very important aspects. To make the view of the garden interesting, you can expose vistas that would make a pleasant view. This may encourage visitors to get off the path or driveway and take a closer look at the garden.


Drainage is another important factor in garden designs. A sound drainage system will ensure hygiene and maintain overall garden health. On the other hand an unsound drainage system will destroy your garden.

If you are not happy with your existing garden design, follow these guidelines and spice up your view! Add your imagination and creativity to these simple guidelines and create garden designs that will make you proud.

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