Birth of a Square Foot Garden

February 20, 2011 by Mario  
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Turning an overgrown, neglected part of the yard into a square foot vegetable garden.

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25 Responses to “Birth of a Square Foot Garden”
  1. snowhyte29 says:

    Easy to all the HATERS!! I dont get it – if you DONT LIKE DONT WATCH… Get a life…

    GREAT VIDEO !!! Thats was awesome and i was very suprised with the end result..

  2. BradZChef says:

    I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to raise a garden where I have moles, deer and squirrels. I decided I needed to figure out how to do raised beds with hardware cloth bottoms and removable or hinged covers; then, BAM! I see you did it! Thanks for confirming my plans AND inspiring me to follow through on them! GREAT video too! Thanks!

  3. lifesepiphany says:


  4. gekizai says:

    Square foot gardening meets ‘The Breakfast Club,’ ftw!

  5. Allen2045 says:

    This video was the best.

  6. scotthw says:

    Great Job!!!!!! Very inspiring!!!!!

  7. lifearoundhome says:

    great transformation

  8. CultivatorsCorner says:

    the stone border and mulch really finished it off nicely. looks awesome.

  9. chbamb2001 says:

    Awesome video! Great job. :)

  10. rompstar says:

    funny as hell music, did you roll a fatty joint to get the inspiration to clean up your back garden ? lol nice work!

  11. swsebrownsugar1888 says:

    oh my goodness i love the way you did your square foot garden.

  12. easternstar12 says:

    Great video!!! Awsome work. What did you use to make your grids???

  13. lilnurseratchet1960 says:

    This is the best video I have ever seen. From beginning to end and to the point. I wish more video’s were as easy to watch. Seeing the transformation was very inspiring instead of trying to follow several different video’s to see the end product. Again, very well made video, and the music was perfect. Please do more. For all you other critics I guess you know everything, right, or you wouldn’t be on here trying to learn something from someone else.

  14. lilnurseratchet1960 says:

    Can I say fabulous 1000 times.

  15. ColeFried81 says:

    I dunno…. i don’t recommend using any sealant even for the outside of the wood. When moisture hits the sealant, it can bleed in to the soil. Where as it may not be toxic, it is not good for the soil or nature further on down the road. Just leave the wood bare and raw. Sure it might rot sooner but you’ll get at least two or three solid years out of it before the rotting becomes even close to an issue. Think of it like an untreated fence and think of how long it takes them to rot…

  16. stimpy321972 says:

    great video, a lot of good ideas,, do you have a list of materiels used ?

  17. sqftsteve says:

    @heyjustthetip – The base is untreated douglas fir and the cage frames are untreated pine. If you sealed the wood before staining you might be able to control the color a bit better, but I just applied it straight to the lightly sanded wood. Good luck with your SFG!

  18. harrisonfivehere says:

    very nice!

  19. PsionNinja says:

    It sounds like the guy is singing “I can’t hardly wipe” :)

    Nice start to the garden though-

  20. brooke12839 says:

    Any chance of you making these to sell?

  21. VivianRinSC says:

    Beautiful beds! Into my faves. :) BTW, love the music. :)

  22. WizzleThump says:

    1983 called, they want their music back.

  23. heyjustthetip says:

    I ve been lookin all over for this video!! Didnt u say u did this for your mother? I m doing the same thing. I m using pine. It doesnt stain so well so I was wondering what wood u used? Fantastic video!! Thats how its done.!

  24. sqftsteve says:

    Oddly enough growing UP wasn’t so much of a problem, but growing OUT was a problem. Wrangling together zucchini and side-ways growing brussel sprouts in order to close the lids was a huge PITA. I need to find a better solution for next year. I’m considering splitting the lids in half, hinged on the bottom, so that they open from the middle. Either that or hinge each individual side panel.

  25. bm5447 says:

    looks great. I just did one 4by4 garden this week and it was seemed like a lot to mix up all the soil! How will you vertically grow with the cages?

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