Basic Indoor hydroponics Gardening Guide – Garden Climate Controller

March 17, 2010 by Mario  
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Temperature is a gauge for optimum production for every plant. When plants are exposed to extreme ranges of temperature, stunted growth and poor fruit yields are the result. Plants have specific temperature ranges for their ideal growth. Warm-season vegetables and most types of flowers have 18o C and 260 C as an ideal temperature range. Cooler season vegetables like lettuces have a 10o C to 18o C range.

Garden Climate Controller

Environment greatly affects plant growth. Environmental factors such as temperature, climate and CO2 levels are just examples. Garden climate controllers give you control over this variables and keep them at ideal ranges for optimum growth of plants.


Basic Garden Climate Controller

The cheap and basic garden climate controller usually control temperature and humidity and turn exhaust fans when needed. CO2 controls could be installed together with them for a small additional charge. This combination is more economical allowing you control over all environmental factors without spending hundreds of dollars for more sophisticated setups not needed. Indoor hydroponic garden systems can be maintained with this basic setup.

Complete Garden Climate Controller

Complete control over CO2 system is another advantage presented by the use of the complete hydroponics garden climate controller. Controllers also allow for coordinated infusion of carbon dioxide with exhaust fans giving minimum waste of CO2.

Other “extras” found with garden climate controllers:

Additional outlets activates when lights are off allowing a “night mode” setup.

Flood Sensors that prevent common gardening mishaps by shutting down the system.

Photo sensors recognize natural sunlight and power ups the “night mode.” This makes the setup more efficient and economical as grow lights are only utilized when needed.

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