Backyard composting for vegetable garden

August 23, 2010 by Mario  
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Laura Kelly composts kitchen scraps and yard waste to apply to her productive backyard garden in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Kelly sells at the Fayetteville Farmers Market.

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15 Responses to “Backyard composting for vegetable garden”
  1. BrownSkinLady22 says:

    Good 3 pile tip. Want to start compost pile(s) and wondered how to best do so. This looks like it make be it.

  2. dumb7890 says:

    dont know , black and brown, I only use yard wast , I just turned them under , they were’nt the fun ones.

  3. maslabud says:

    what kind of mushroom what does it look like? are you using manure in your compost?

  4. dumb7890 says:

    is it good or bad if mushrooms come up?

  5. telemarker77 says:

    why dont you get your husband to do your composting. you should not have to get your hands dirty. good job.

  6. rileannas says:

    There are a couple of ways to prevent this happening:

    Animals won’t find the bin if it doesn’t smell, so prevent odours by mixing in browns and turning the compost often.

    Don’t put any meat or dairy in the compost

    Physical barriers such as chicken wire or a plastic (aerated) bin are also a good preventative measure.

  7. maximel77 says:

    how do u make sure animals dnt get at yr crops??

  8. karrieburton says:

    Nice video clip – makes it seem easy and natural and I like anything in my garden that doesn’t involve buying lots of equipment. 3 piles is a great idea – our township gives out some good instructions but didn’t suggest more than one pile.

  9. stymye says:

    I’ve been composting for several months no so I can’t wait to grow some “vegetative matter”

  10. kesmit3 says:

    Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  11. stillpumpedfromusing says:

    Good exercise too! Way to go!

  12. RetroLoco1 says:

    Composters unite! All my neighbors burn their trash & leaves which fills the air (and my house) up with smoke. It’s horrible! There is smoke in the air almost every day. I love composting. I think it’s fun, & it’s a cheap way to get really good gardening soil. Hopefully one day composting will catch on in my neighborhood. Enjoyed your video!

  13. updoc21 says:

    hey thats a great idea. thank you for sharing your knowledge to help us new guys out! peace!

  14. mountfields says:

    your a good person..

  15. zigvog says:

    Your example is encouraging and inspiring. As the cool season starts now to end here in the southern hemisphere, it will be good to be able to follow your pattern of respecting and working with the land after its resting time.

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