Automatic Watering Part II Global Buckets or Earthbox®

February 22, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Gardening Tips It’s easy to build and grow using the two 5-gallon bucket container growing system! Reduce global hunger with a low cost and simple way of growing food. This foolproof method of gardening is very similar to the excellent Earthbox® method. Like the Earthbox system, Global Buckets: 1) 80% reduction in water usage 2) 100% reduction in weeds 3) Takes very little time or effort. 4) No place to plant a garden? Great! This system works excellent on concrete…like on a rooftop in Calcutta. Unlike the Earthbox method, Global Buckets uses locally sourced free or low cost materials, ideal for developing nations.

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6 Responses to “Automatic Watering Part II Global Buckets or Earthbox®”
  1. pasedogg says:

    couldnt you connect all the buckets just by drilling a hole in the bottom and runiing a hose from the bottom of the bucket straight to the next bucket

  2. serpensphile says:

    Dude…………you rock!

  3. lemonade0013 says:

    Great, thank you

  4. spafa9 says:

    Great job guys. I am in te process of trying this out. Have you made the new type watering system like u described in the video. I would be interested in seeing how you did it if so.

  5. rosehebrew says:

    I am sorry, I did not see this video and I believe it answered all my questions. Great job guys, pat yourselves on the back for helping with world hunger.

  6. Kamisha100 says:

    Absolutely first class! Genious! I hope to add this system to my Earthbox Garden next season. Which I also plan to expand. Is there a limit as to how many buckets can be added to the system? Thanks for the info!

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