Art of Crochet by Teresa – Crochet Pansy Flower Variation 1

March 7, 2011 by Mario  
Filed under Flower Gardening

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25 Responses to “Art of Crochet by Teresa – Crochet Pansy Flower Variation 1”
  1. tjw1963 says:

    @cazcats05 Thank you!

  2. tjw1963 says:

    @dihjet You are welcome! I appreciate the comment!

  3. dihjet says:

    Teresa – you have helped me so much! Really appreciate your good instructions; and the manner in which you give them. You’re the greatest. Thank you thank you thank you.

  4. cazcats05 says:

    thank you very much that was really good video and i have made a pansy first attempt i will be making more love them your videos are really good :) :)

  5. juelz610 says:

    how do you add the second color… the directions don’t show or say how.

  6. tjw1963 says:

    @Pattycuac Usted es bienvenido, agradezco el comentario.

  7. Pattycuac says:

    me gusto mucho la flor y muy cenciila para acerla ya ice 7!! de diferentes colores gracias por el tutorial

  8. tjw1963 says:

    @sakinaburhan Yes, you can work this crochet flower in thread.

  9. sakinaburhan says:

    this is a lovely flower …….can I do in the thread ???

  10. CeCe2419 says:

    @AlexandraAshleyXX whatcha mean by that

  11. tjw1963 says:

    @AlexandraAshleyXX Do you have a question?

  12. AlexandraAshleyXX says:

    @CeCe2419 ?

  13. caitlynAspiration says:

    you do such an awesome job of keeping the project close to the camera and keeping your fingers out of the way. seriously, that takes talent!
    also, thank you for the slow motion! this is so much help for a beginner like me.
    (i want to make coasters similar to these flowers for my mom this christmas :)

  14. TheFresitarosa says:

    aprendi con usted por ponerlo en camara lenta. gracias

  15. Gayetacritter says:

    Teresa, i want to thank you for all the things that you share with us. I had made a lot of projects :) I want to ask if you could make a tutorial of a gingerbread man please. Thank ypu so much for all your help.

  16. peonypang says:

    hello teresa, ur tutorials are real helpful and easy to follow.. thank you so much for your efforts in recording and uploading.. do you also have more tutorials for doing handphone pouches and business cards? =)

  17. tjw1963 says:

    @stylst0123 Thank you.

  18. stylst0123 says:

    Hello teresa! I completed my first flower! And it looks pretty good I must say! I have to keep practicing I also did your puff stitch baby beanie which was easy for a beginner like me, well thank you for the tutorials, your the best!!!!

  19. tjw1963 says:

    @CeCe2419 I will send you the playlist that I have.

  20. tjw1963 says:

    @shmuzzio1 You are welcome, I appreciate the comment.

  21. shmuzzio1 says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful class. It is very easy to follow your explanation. Your are very kind to take your time to make this demo. Thank you again.

  22. CeCe2419 says:

    this is very help full do you have any tutorials on how to make a simple bag

  23. Mitsuki550 says:


  24. tjw1963 says:

    @tinalawamp Thank you. :)

  25. tinalawamp says:

    thank you very mutch! you are a wonderful teacher,bye bye from Italy =)

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